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White-Box OLT van Zyxel Communications bekroond met VOLTHA-certificering als onderdeel van ONF’s continue certificeringsprogramma

KOPENHAGEN, Denemarken–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Zyxel Communications heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat haar SDA 3016SS White-Box OLT is toegetreden tot het continue certificeringsprogramma van de Open Networking Foundation (ONF) voor VOLTHA™. De doorlopende certificering maakt deel uit van Zyxel’s toewijding om serviceproviders te voorzien van de beste technologie die past bij hun behoeften.

Zyxel’s White-Box OLT behaalde zijn VOLTHA ONF-certificering door te voldoen aan een reeks normen met betrekking tot prestaties, wendbaarheid en interoperabiliteit. Daarnaast moet het product ook doorlopende dagelijkse tests doorstaan als onderdeel van ONF’s Continuous Certification Program, dat ervoor zorgt dat nieuwe functies en productupdates voldoen aan voortdurende tests en naleving als onderdeel van de CI/CD-ontwikkelingspijplijn voor VOLTHA.

Zyxel Communications’ White-Box OLT Awarded VOLTHA Certification as part of ONF’s Continuous Certification Program

COPENHAGEN, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Zyxel Communications today announced its SDA 3016SS White-Box OLT has joined the Open Networking Foundation’s (ONF) Continuous Certification Program for VOLTHA™. The ongoing certification is part of Zyxel’s commitment to delivering service providers with the best technology that suits their needs.

Zyxel’s White-Box OLT achieved its VOLTHA ONF certification by meeting a set of standards related to performance, agility and interoperability. In addition, the product must also pass ongoing daily tests as part of ONF’s Continuous Certification Program, which ensures any new features and product updates meet ongoing tests and compliance as part of the CI/CD development pipeline for VOLTHA.

The OLT will be introduced alongside ONF’s release of VOLTHA version 2.10. VOLTHA is an open-source project, hosted by ONF, that creates an open broadband-access environment for service providers by promoting vendor-agnostic hardware and software development. The newest release, VOLTHA 2.10, focuses on increasing scale and support for Fiber to the Building (FTTB) plus models and APIs to integrate VOLTHA with the Broadband Forum (BBF) framework.

“It simply makes sense for our OLT to come online at the same time as VOLTHA 2.10,” said James Harris, Vice President and Head of Zyxel Communications EMEA. “We believe in the ONF’s mission, and we’re excited to introduce a new technology designed with VOLTHA in mind.”

Zyxel’s SDA3016SS is a pure, all-in-one White-Box OLT, capable of supporting different, future-proof transceiver technologies. The OLT simultaneously offers a unique combination of telco-grade features and a true open-source compliant, software-agnostic solution.

“VOLTHA is an open disaggregated solution for broadband, making it much easier for operators to adopt new technologies,” said Timon Sloane, General Manager at ONF. “Zyxel’s OLT is a perfect example of the power of this open model, demonstrating how new products can be introduced and brought to market by innovative vendors. We’re excited to welcome Zyxel to our community, and their innovative OLT to our VOLTHA marketplace.”

Zyxel’s OLT is featured in ONF’s marketplace.

More information about ONF and VOLTHA can be found here: https://opennetworking.org/voltha/. Register to attend an ONF Techinar on July 7th to learn about the latest VOLTHA release.

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