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Zyxel lanceert 5G NR Fixed Wireless Access portfolio

KOPENHAGEN, Denemarken – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Zyxel Communications heeft aangekondigd dat het 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) -productportfolio beschikbaar is voor serviceproviders en dat de massaproductie zal beginnen vanaf Q2 2020. Om uw bedrijf te versnellen met Zyxel 5G NR FWA, klik hier.

De huidige abonnees verwachten een robuuste bandbreedte en een lage latentie. Sommige huishoudens zijn echter beperkt in termen van betrouwbare breedbandverbindingen. De Zyxel FWA-portefeuille helpt dienstverleners om gebruik te maken van 5G NR-technologie voor het leveren van hoge capaciteit, eersteklas breedbanddiensten, hogesnelheidsconnectiviteit, verbeterde netwerkbeveiliging en inzetflexibiliteit.

Met buiten-, binnen- en draagbare opties biedt Zyxel een breed scala aan producten met zijn 5G NR FWA-portfolio, waaronder:

  • 5G NR Outdoor Router (NR7101)
  • 5G NR Indoor Router (NR5101)
  • 5G NR draagbare router (NR2101)

Zyxel Launches 5G NR Fixed Wireless Access Portfolio

COPENHAGEN, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Zyxel Communications announced its 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) product portfolio is available for service providers and mass production will begin as soon as Q2 2020. To accelerate your business with Zyxel 5G NR FWA, click here.

Today’s subscribers expect robust bandwidth and low latency. Some households, however, are limited in terms of reliable broadband connections. The Zyxel FWA portfolio helps service providers leverage 5G NR technology to deliver high-capacity, premium broadband services, high-speed connectivity, enhanced network security, and deployment flexibility.

With outdoor, indoor, and portable options, Zyxel offers a wide range of products with its 5G NR FWA portfolio, including:

· 5G NR Outdoor Router (NR7101)

· 5G NR Indoor Router (NR5101)

· 5G NR Portable Router (NR2101)

Together, these solutions ensure connectivity everywhere. Combining the latest in WiFi 6 technology, Zyxel’s 5G NR solution portfolio creates a superior, ultra-high speed and zero-dead-zone WiFi experience for service providers and their subscribers.

Zyxel’s 5G NR FWA solutions are also equipped with a simple and intuitive mobile app that enables subscribers to easily install and connect devices to their network. The app significantly reduces installation time and the need for costly professional installations. Subscribers can also leverage the mobile app to reinforce CPE placement and achieve the best possible 5G connection.

“5G NR offers the opportunity for service providers to create a bigger pipeline, faster data streaming and ultra-low latency, all of which subscribers want and need, especially during a time where more people are logging on from home than ever before,” said Karsten Gewecke, Senior VP, Head of EMEA Regional BU at Zyxel Communications. “The launch of Zyxel’s 5G Fixed Wireless Access portfolio demonstrates our commitment to helping service providers generate new business opportunities and the best subscriber experience possible.”


NR7101, NR5101, and NR2101 will be available for service providers in EMEA region as soon as Q2 2020. Service providers can contact their local Zyxel representatives for availability. For more product information, please visit the Zyxel global website.

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