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Het helpen en aanmoedigen van Sandwich Trades, Front Running en MEV is anti-ESG

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Met ESG in de voorhoede, waar is de sociale verantwoordelijkheid in netwerken die niet alleen ons milieu vervuilen, maar ook de voortdurende diefstal helpen en aanmoedigen die binnenkort een miljard dollar zal overschrijden? Misschien wordt het nog niet volledig begrepen door de massa, maar front running/ MEV is vrij letterlijk georganiseerde diefstal, en het loopt welig op bijna elk blockchain netwerk. Crypto-enthousiastelingen moeten begrijpen dat handelaar/ miner bots dagelijks roofzuchtig geld stelen van DeFi en NFT handelaren. Deze diefstal is niet anders dan uw persoonlijke effectenmakelaar die de kennis van uw lopende transacties alleen gebruikt om zichzelf en op uw kosten verder te brengen. Deze praktijken zijn niet alleen onethisch, maar ze zijn ook illegaal in elke andere moderne uitwisselingsomgeving. Dus waarom het blinde oog en waarom de gratis pas? Hetzelfde geldt voor het kleverige energieverbruik. Waarom zou een verantwoordelijke entiteit of persoon deze superlage normen blijven steunen? Er is een enorm gebrek aan maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid. Zeker als je bedenkt dat deze netwerken allemaal gemakkelijk te vervangen zijn door veel betere technologieën. Metaforisch gezien, waarom blijft de wereld de kolengestookte motor en bankrovers koesteren als er maatschappelijk verantwoorde nulpuntsenergie bestaat? Dit zijn enkele van de vragen waar het Telos-team aan werkt en effectief aan voldoet met zijn ESG-conforme tEVM. ‘s Werelds snelste CO2-neutrale EVM!

Aiding and Abetting Sandwich Trades, Front Running and MEV is anti-ESG

–News Direct–

With ESG in the forefront, where is the social responsibility in networks that not only pollute our environment, but also aid and abet the ongoing theft that’s soon to surpass a billion dollars? Maybe it is not yet fully understood by the masses, but front running / MEV is quite literally organized theft, and it is running rampant on almost every blockchain network. Crypto enthusiasts need to understand that trader / miner bots are predatorily stealing money from DeFi and NFT traders daily. This theft is no different than your personal stockbroker using the knowledge of your pending trades only to further themselves and at your expense. These practices are not only unethical, but they are also illegal in any other modern day exchange environment. So why the blind eye and why the free pass? The same goes with the glutinous energy consumption. Why would any responsible entity or individual continue to support these super low standards? There is a massive lack of social responsibility. Especially considering that these networks are all easily replaceable by far superior technologies. Metaphorically, why does the world continue to nurture the coal fired engine and bank robbers when socially responsible zero-point energy exists? These are some of the questions that the Telos team is working through and effectively delivering on with its ESG compliant tEVM. The world’s fastest carbon neutral EVM!

Telos Blockchain continues to work on solidifying its path in becoming the benchmark standard for credible neutrality and ESG compliance in crypto. For those new to ESG, the acronym stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It’s a criterion which is popular in the world of business and investing. It defines three broad categories of interest for what is termed socially responsible for investors.

“E” – As part of this ESG commitment, Telos recently became the first and only carbon neutral (Net Zero) EVM. This newest accomplishment makes the Telos EVM the most environmentally (the “E” in ESG) conscious Ethereum Virtual Machine.

“S” – Telos’ socially (the “S” in ESG) responsible Ethereum Virtual Machine is the only EVM that puts an end to the front running theft that is unethically targeting hundreds of millions of DeFi traders.

“G” – DeFi on Telos is 100% free of Sandwich trades, Front Running and MEV (miner extracted value) because of its fair governance (the “G” in ESG). Telos insulates all trades with a first in first out governed protocol. Therefore, there is never any reordering of the mempool, making it impossible to game the system.

From a socially diversified work team gracefully working together from all corners of the globe to decarbonization and biochar to the fairest smart contract powered governance system, Telos as a Layer 1 is pushing the ESG envelope to new standards in crypto.

The tEVM’s ecosystem is closing on 6 months of strategic growth since its launch. On the DeFi side, it has already launched multiple Dex/AMMs, Price Oracles, Farming dApps, multi-Chain bridges, Lending dApps and everything else that a vibrant DeFi ecosystem requires to level up its TVL and end user occupancy. Telos’ TVL is currently where the top marketcap chains were not too long ago, but with far superior governance, no front running, credible neutrality, true decentralization, and an ESG compliant EVM that is several multiples faster. In utopian fashion, Telos’ ecosystem is now ready to scale its occupants and its TVL simultaneously.

About Telos

Live since 2018, Telos Blockchain (ticker: TLOS) is a third-generation smart contract platform that offers compatibility with Solidity, Vyper and Native C++ smart contracts. Telos provides full EVM/Solidity support with fixed low-cost gas fees and no front running. Uniquely, Telos also offers a path to fee-less transactions via its robust native C++ smart contract support. Even while operating as a Net Zero Blockchain, the chain still sustainably support hundreds of millions of transactions per day, produces blocks in 0.5 second intervals (on a first-in-first-out basis, eliminating front running on the network) and securely validates transactions via a credibly neutral and globally decentralized block producer network. The Telos Blockchain has the throughput needed to facilitate and scale the thriving Metaverse / Web 3.0 better than any other blockchain. Its performance is unrivaled in the industry and was purpose-built to offer speed, scalability, cost-effectiveness, credible decentralization, and end-user fairness. Telos, harnesses its power by utilizing tight C++ on the frontend and a custom WASM runtime environment on the backend.

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The Telos Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization established as a promotional and funding body to advance the Telos Blockchain Network and provide support to network applications.

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