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2Tokens foundation en RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions werken samen aan Europese tokennormen in de energiesector

FRANKFURT, Duitsland & WENEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions, een 50:50 joint venture tussen Wien Energie en RIDDLE&CODE, is toegetreden tot het 2Tokens-consortium als een van de oprichters van de Energy Token-werkgroep. Na sinds 2020 een geassocieerde partner te zijn, is de beslissing van het bedrijf om een ​​actieve bijdrage te leveren een consequente stap op weg naar de ontwikkeling van een internationaal dienstenportfolio.

Het belangrijkste doel van de samenwerking is om van 2Tokens het leidende Europese consortium in de industriële blockchain- en financiële ruimte te maken, waarbij de meest relevante projecten worden vertegenwoordigd en ondersteund. “We hebben de technische en economische haalbaarheid bewezen van het tokeniseren van energieactiva in verschillende individuele projecten op regionaal niveau. Nu is het tijd om op grotere schaal te denken. De tokenstandaarden die bij 2Tokens worden ontwikkeld, zullen hoogstwaarschijnlijk een beslissende impact hebben op de toekomst normen van de Europese energiemarkt”, zegt Kai Siefert, de nieuwbenoemde directeur van RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions.

2Tokens Foundation and RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions to Jointly Work on European Token Standards in the Energy Sector

FRANKFURT, Germany & VIENNA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions, a 50:50 joint venture between Wien Energie and RIDDLE&CODE, has joined the 2Tokens consortium as a founding member for the Energy Token working group. After having been an associated partner since 2020, the company’s decision to become an active contributor is a consequent step on its path to developing an international service portfolio.

The main goal of the collaboration is to turn 2Tokens into the leading European consortium in the industrial blockchain and finance space, representing and supporting the most relevant projects. “We have proven the technical and economic viability of tokenizing energy assets in several individual projects at the regional level. Now it is time to think on a larger scale. The token standards being developed at 2Tokens will most likely have a decisive impact on the future standards of the European energy market,” says Kai Siefert, the newly appointed managing director of RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions.

“The joining of a true pioneer such as RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions will significantly strengthen European collaboration in the tokenization sector,” underlines Alex Bausch, Executive Chairman of 2Tokens. “RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions plays an important role in the adoption of tokenization technology in commercial projects with interoperable banking grade solutions. Our working groups on the EURO stable coin and Energy Tokens are paramount to the joint mission for mass adoption of token technology in the energy industry. “

Next steps: Apart from driving things forward in the 2Tokens working groups, leading 2Tokens members, as well as the RIDDLE&CODE group companies, will discuss commercial partnerships in the areas of Custody of Digital Assets, Tokenization platforms and blockchain hardware research. “For critical infrastructures and in order to turn our European values of democratic governance and the Rule of Law into efficient backend solutions, we need infrastructure that is secure from end-to-end. Crypto hardware anchors will play a key role in this, and that’s why 2Tokens is excited to have RIDDLE&CODE joining as the leading European blockchain interface company,” says Jos Röling, Captain of the Energy working group.

About RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions

RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions provides the blockchain-powered infrastructure that enables resilient, decentralized and fully decarbonized energy markets. With the development of the MyPower platform, the company has shown an effective way for energy players to move into the machine economy. By tokenizing energy, machines, and data, RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions significantly increases the liquidity of distributed assets, making them easily accessible to broad investor segments, while their output can be traded and tracked with unprecedented transparency and security.

More information about MyPower: www.riddleandcode.com/energy

About 2Tokens

2Tokens has the ambition to raise awareness, stimulate relevant discussions, and bring together knowledge/expertise to reduce the barriers to the adoption of tokenization and help realise wider social benefits. The mission of 2Tokens is to formulate a guide, as part of a larger vision, for any type of organisation that wants to leverage token technology. It aims to come to a shared understanding of token finance and, as such, is a public-interest initiative supported by a diverse community of technology companies, policymakers, financial advisors, banks, and legal & regulatory experts and academia. 2Tokens is a non-profit organisation funded in part by the European Union and Industry partners with the endorsement of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, government and several industry players.

More information: www.2tokens.org


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