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SmartStream stuurt nieuw intelligent ontwerp voor uitzonderingen beheer

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SmartStream Technologies, de leverancier van financiële Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®)-oplossingen, kondigt vandaag een nieuw intelligent beheer van uitzonderingen aan voor zijn cloud-native AI-aangedreven SmartStream Air-oplossing – waardoor het proces van identificatie, prioritering, toewijzing, en audit verder worden vereenvoudigd.

Deze verbetering zorgt voor een nog grotere vereenvoudiging van een typisch complex en handmatig beheerproces voor uitzonderingen voor gegevensafstemmingen. Met een slim ontwerp en optimale efficiëntie maakt de oplossing het oplossen van onderbrekingen gemakkelijk met minder handmatige aanrakingspunten. Bovendien biedt het realtime en dynamische zakelijke inzichten en analyses die elke gebruiker, met of zonder IT-vaardigheden, kan gebruiken. Over het algemeen speelt het een cruciale rol bij het efficiënter beheren van risico’s en het verschaffen van operationeel inzicht.

SmartStream Steers New Intelligent Design for Exceptions Management

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SmartStream Technologies, the financial Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions provider, today announces new intelligent exceptions management design for its cloud-native AI powered SmartStream Air solution – enabling the process of identification, prioritisation, allocation, and audit to be further simplified.

This enhancement will bring even greater simplification to a typically complex and manual exceptions management process for data reconciliations. With clever design and optimum efficiency, the solution will make break-resolution easy with reduced manual touchpoints. In addition, it will provide real-time and dynamic business insights and analytics that any user, with or without IT skills can leverage. Overall it plays a critical role in managing risk more efficiently and providing operational insight.

Andreas Burner, Chief Information Officer, SmartStream, states: “This marks the next phase of work in our Innovations Lab, with ongoing developments throughout the year, with some exceptional capabilities, we are now delighted to launch this new design, and with positive feedback from clients it has genuinely been very encouraging. We have set the bar high on this and are proud to say already our SmartStream Air solution is being used by several new customers – the feedback we get is that the design of this workflow is unlike anything else on the market today. Trust is everything when it comes to AI and machine learning and we have managed to gain this with our clients”.

During the course of this year SmartStream’s Innovations Lab has designed many new features for SmartStream Air, making it the most advanced cloud-native AI data reconciliations solutions on the market today. It launched ‘Affinity’, SmartStream’s unique observational learning AI capability that learns from manual data matching behaviours – and more recent version releases has assured that even deeper and more detailed explanations for the end user are available. Other developments include the ability to continuously stream data records to carry out reconciliations of multiple data formats in real-time. It also integrates seamlessly with business intelligence and analytics tools such as Tableau and Power BI, meaning that it can fit into any ecosystem of IT systems, and reconciled data can be consumed in a data lake of a customers choosing – facilitating the ever-growing requirements of compliance, audit and regulatory reporting. The solution can now load even more data formats, providing customers with the ability to create custom data format integrations where required providing the ability to ingest any structured data format. In addition, SmartStream Air is available in Mandarin for Chinese users and data use cases.


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