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Tigo Energy breidt de vermogenselektronica portefeuille op moduleniveau voor zonne-installateurs wereldwijd uit

Het toonaangevende MLPE-bedrijf in de zonnesector voegt de internationale beschikbaarheid van twee nieuwe producten voor snelle uitschakeling toe aan zijn portfolio voor optimalisatie, monitoring en veiligheid.

CAMPBELL, Californië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Tigo Energy, Inc., de toonaangevende leverancier van Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) in de zonne-energiesector, heeft vandaag de wereldwijde marktbeschikbaarheid aangekondigd van de Tigo TS4-AF en TS4-A-2F rapid shutdown devices (RSD). De uitgebreide beschikbaarheid van de twee producten biedt brandveiligheidsondersteuning voor toonaangevende zonnemodules tot 700 watt (Tigo TS4-A-F) en voor twee PV-modules tot 500 watt (Tigo TS4-A-2F). Met deze release, en inclusief de Tigo TS4-A-O, heeft Tigo nu een complete reeks producten wereldwijd beschikbaar.

Tigo Energy Expands Module Level Power Electronics Portfolio for Solar Installers Globally

Solar industry’s leading MLPE company adds international availability of two new rapid shutdown products to its portfolio for optimization, monitoring, and safety.

CAMPBELL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Tigo Energy, Inc., the solar industry’s leading Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) supplier, today announced the global market availability of the Tigo TS4-A-F and TS4-A-2F rapid shutdown devices (RSD). The expanded availability of the two products brings fire safety support for industry-leading solar modules up to 700-watts (Tigo TS4-A-F) and for two PV modules up to 500-watts (Tigo TS4-A-2F). With this release, and including the Tigo TS4-A-O, Tigo now has a complete suite of products available worldwide.

The Tigo Energy TS4 platform maximizes the benefit of PV systems for installers. With installations on all continents, from less than 10kW to more than 10MW in size, installation in less than 10-seconds per module, Tigo has a globally proven, trusted, and reliable product portfolio. Additionally, Tigo products can interface with more than 300 inverter models across twenty different suppliers. The company has offered both optimization and rapid shutdown products in North America and now extends that complete portfolio to international markets, augmenting the popular optimization solution with a rapid shutdown option.

With rapid shutdown functionality, system owners, firefighters, and first responders can now safely work without encountering high-voltage DC electricity from solar components. As underscored by an endorsement from Brazilian first responders, the need for PV safe solar is internationally recognized. Rapid shutdown specifications – previously only mandatory in North America – have been adopted in the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore with numerous other countries considering or evaluating similar regulations around the world.

“Tigo has been a leader in MLPE for more than a decade by providing highly reliable solar optimizers around the world,” said Jing Tian, Chief Growth Officer at Tigo Energy. “When the United States codified fire safety with NEC 2014, we began offering Tigo RSD devices for installations requiring rapid shutdown. We are pleased to now offer the single and dual versions of this product internationally as the trend towards PV safe solar makes its way around the world.”

The Tigo TS4-A-F and TS4-A-2F RSD products will be available for purchase directly and from Tigo channel partners starting on July 18, 2021. Interested parties should contact the Tigo sales team at www.tigoenergy.com/contacts.

To learn more about these products in International markets, please attend one of the numerous local Tigo Energy webinars. To read about the Tigo TS4-A-F, download the specification sheet here and for the TS4-A-2F RSD, please find additional details here.

About Tigo Energy

Tigo Energy is the worldwide leader in Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) with innovative solutions that increase solar energy production, decrease operating costs, and significantly enhance safety of solar energy systems. The Tigo TS4 platform maximizes the benefit of solar and provides customers with the most scalable, versatile, and reliable MLPE solution available. Tigo was founded in Silicon Valley in 2007 to accelerate the adoption of solar energy worldwide. Tigo systems operate on seven continents and produce gigawatt hours of reliable, clean, affordable, and safe solar energy daily. With a global team, Tigo Energy is dedicated to making the best MLPE on earth so more people can enjoy the benefits of solar. Find us online at www.tigoenergy.com.


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