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Yokogawa richt Yokogawa Bio Frontier Inc. op om de activiteiten op het gebied van biomassamaterialen te bevorderen

Nieuw bedrijf gaat biomassamaterialen produceren en op de markt brengen om een duurzame koolstofcyclus mogelijk te maken

TOKIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Yokogawa Electric Corporation kondigt de lancering aan van Yokogawa Bio Frontier Inc. om bedrijven te ontwikkelen met betrekking tot de productie en verkoop van innovatieve plantaardige biomassamaterialen, evenals bijbehorende licentie- en adviesactiviteiten. De nieuwe dochteronderneming zal op 22 maart officieel van start gaan met de bedrijfsactiviteiten.

Yokogawa Bio Frontier zal zich richten op de ontwikkeling en commercialisering van plantaardige biomassamaterialen met een hoge toegevoegde waarde, zoals nanocellulose en lignine-monomeer. Die kunnen worden gebruikt ter vervanging van chemicaliën en materialen die momenteel zijn afgeleid van fossiele bronnen, waardoor een duurzame koolstofcyclus mogelijk wordt. Het bedrijf zal Yokogawa’s lange ervaring in industriële automatisering toepassen om zeer efficiënte extractie- en productieprocessen en -faciliteiten te ontwikkelen. Vervolgens brengt het biomassamaterialen op de markt aan een breed scala aan klanten in de chemische, farmaceutische, voedingsmiddelen- en drankenindustrie en andere industrieën.

Yokogawa Establishes Yokogawa Bio Frontier Inc. to Advance Biomass Materials Business

– New company will produce and market biomass materials to enable a sustainable carbon cycle –

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Yokogawa Electric Corporation (TOKYO:6841) announces the launch of Yokogawa Bio Frontier Inc. to develop businesses related to the production and sales of innovative plant-derived biomass materials, as well as associated licensing and consulting activities. The new subsidiary will officially kick off business operations on March 22.

Yokogawa Bio Frontier will focus on developing and commercializing high value-added plant-based biomass materials, such as nanocellulose and lignin monomer, which can be used to substitute chemicals and materials currently derived from fossil resources, thereby enabling a sustainable carbon cycle. The company will apply Yokogawa’s long experience in industrial automation to develop highly efficient extraction and production processes and facilities, and will market biomass materials to a wide range of customers in the chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

The bioeconomy is considered to be an important pillar for building a sustainable society, and is one of the focus areas defined in Yokogawa’s long-term business framework. The rapidly expanding biomass materials market has been identified as a field in which Yokogawa can leverage its core technologies and global sales and service network. To obtain technologies and expertise in this field, Yokogawa has already taken steps such as investing in and partnering with AlgaEnergy, a Spanish company that is a technology leader in the production and application of microalgae, and Bloom Biorenewables SA, a Swiss startup focusing on the utilization of biomass with its highly efficient lignin extraction technology. Yokogawa Bio Frontier will work with these and other strategic partners to contribute to the development of a circular economy.

About Yokogawa Bio Frontier Inc.

  • Location: Musashino City, Tokyo, Japan
  • President and CEO: Mitsuhiro Iga
  • Capital: 100M JPY (Yokogawa Electric Corporation 100%)
  • Established: January 2021
  • Start of operation: March 22, 2021
  • Business: Biomass material production and sales, licensing, and related consulting.
  • Website: www.yokogawa.com/ybf

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