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“Cloud Exhibition” toont het beste van de Huangshan-berg op ‘s werelds grootste toerismebeurs

BERLIJN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Op 9 maart lanceerde Huangshan Tourism Development Co, Ltd. (Huangshan Tourism) zijn allereerste ‘cloud-tentoonstelling’ om hoogwaardige toeristische producten te presenteren op de International Tourism Bourse Berlin (ITB Berlin), de ‘s werelds grootste reisbeurs.

“Huangshan is wereldberoemd om zijn magische landschappen en zijn vijf ‘must-sees’ – eigenaardige pijnbomen, vreemde stenen, droomachtige ‘wolkenzee’, hete lente en spectaculaire wintersneeuwlandschappen, ” dhr. Zhao Hui, Vice-president van Huangshan Tourism legde uit.

Afgezien van de presentatie van het adembenemende natuurlijke landschap, stelde de virtuele tentoonstelling Huangshan Tourism in staat om hoogwaardige toeristische producten te presenteren aan exposanten en reisagenten van over de hele wereld. Het bedrijf heeft een speciale lijn van Engelstalige toerismeproducten ontwikkeld die is afgestemd op de internationale markt, met programma’s als “Winter Overnight Stay in Huangshan”, “Photography Adventure in Colourful Huangshan” en “Huangshan Ecological and Well-being Experience.” De wolkententoonstelling stelde professionals uit de industrie en beginnende toeristen in staat om vanuit het comfort van hun eigen huis de unieke charmes van de berg Huangshan te proeven.

“Cloud Exhibition” Shows the Best of Mount Huangshan at the World’s Largest Tourism Fair

BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– On March 9, Huangshan Tourism Development Co, Ltd. (Huangshan Tourism) launched its first-ever “cloud exhibition” to showcase high-quality tourism products at the International Tourism Bourse Berlin (ITB Berlin), the world’s largest travel fair.

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“Cloud exhibition” shows the best of Mount Huangshan at the world’s largest tourism fair (Photo: Business Wire)

“Cloud exhibition” shows the best of Mount Huangshan at the world’s largest tourism fair (Photo: Business Wire)

“Huangshan is world-famous for its magical landscapes and its five ‘must-sees’ – peculiar pine trees, strange stones, dream-like “sea of clouds”, hot spring, and spectacular winter snow landscapes,” Mr. Zhao Hui, Vice President of Huangshan Tourism explained.

Apart from showcasing the breathtaking natural scenery, the virtual exhibition allowed Huangshan Tourism to present high-quality tourism products to exhibitors and tourism agents from around the world. The company has developed a special line of English-language tourism products tailored to the international market, featuring programs such as “Winter Overnight Stay in Huangshan,” “Photography Adventure in Colorful Huangshan,” and “Huangshan Ecological and Well-being Experience.” The cloud exhibition allowed industry professionals and budding tourists alike to taste the unique charms of Mount Huangshan from the comfort of their own homes.

In recent years, the global tourism industry has seen growing trends towards independent travel, diversification, and personalization. this means a shift to self-organized travel rather than group tours. There is growing interest in culturally-immersive experiences that allow tourists to forge deeper connections with the places they visit. Blessed with both spectacular scenery and a rich cultural heritage, the Huangshan region is well aligned with these trends. The region has been developing new ways to integrate culture and tourism in its offering to international visitors, injecting new vitality into traditional culture.

“Huangshan Tourism is focused on long-term development. Showcasing the best our region has to offer through innovative tourism products is a further step for the development of Huangshan as a major international destination and also helps to promote Chinese culture overseas,” said Mr. Zhao.

Huangshan Tourism is known as China’s top publicly-listed tourism company. Drawing on the unique resources of its home in the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area, the company offers a rich portfolio of tourism products to suit every tastes. It has developed innovative business models spanning five core sectors: scenic spots, cableways, hotels, travel agencies, and Huizhou cuisine. Huangshan Tourism has received a number of industry accolades, including being recognized as one of China’s Top 500 Service Enterprises and being awarded the National Tourism Service Quality Benchmark.


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