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Bittrex Global lanceert beurshandel op naam

Tesla (TSLA), Apple (AAPL) en 10 andere aandelen zijn nu beschikbaar om te verhandelen

HAMILTON, Bermuda– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Bittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd. (Bittrex Global) heeft aangekondigd dat het in samenwerking met DigitalAssets.AG symbolische aandelen zal noteren op zijn digitale activabeurs. Dit product geeft handelaren en investeerders directe toegang tot beursgenoteerde bedrijven zonder dat ze een externe makelaar hoeven in te schakelen of extra kosten hoeven te betalen. Aandelen kunnen worden gekocht met Amerikaanse dollars (USD), Tether (USDT) of Bitcoin (BTC), vierentwintig uur per dag, zeven dagen per week.

De symbolische aandelen die beschikbaar zijn via Bittrex Global stellen klanten in staat om een fractie van een aandeel te kopen zonder hele aandelen te hoeven kopen, waarbij het onderliggende risico van de tokens wordt afgeleid van het erkend bedrijf. Bittrex Global is van plan om hun aanbod snel uit te breiden door haar klanten blootstelling te geven aan ETF’s, indices en aanvullende activa klassen.

Bittrex Global Launches Tokenized Stock Trading

Tesla (TSLA), Apple (AAPL) and 10 other stocks now available to trade

HAMILTON, Bermuda–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Bittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd. (Bittrex Global) announced that it will be listing tokenized stocks on its digital asset exchange in cooperation with DigitalAssets.AG. This product will allow traders and investors direct access to listed companies without having to use an external broker or pay additional fees. Shares can be purchased using either US dollars (USD), Tether (USDT) or Bitcoin (BTC), twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The tokenized stocks available through Bittrex Global will allow customers to purchase a fraction of a stock without needing to purchase entire shares, where the underlying risk of the tokens is derived from the tokenized company. Bittrex Global plans to quickly increase their offerings by giving its customers exposure to ETFs, indices, and additional asset classes.

“The traditional stock exchanges of the world’s financial capitals have for centuries set the terms for engagement and trading. Clearing systems are inefficient and complex and trading small volumes can be expensive and take days, all of which is totally unnecessary given the technological advances that have been made in the last decade,” said Bittrex Global’s CEO Tom Albright. “Blockchain technology has the potential to radically broaden access to financial services, and Bittrex Global is very proud to provide people with a portal to build their capital and private wealth in a way that was unimaginable a decade ago.”

Bittrex Global’s diverse customer base can now purchase and trade the following tokenized stocks:

  • Tesla (TSLA)
  • SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY)
  • Alibaba (BABA)
  • Beyond Meat Inc (BYND)
  • Pfizer (PFE)
  • Apple (AAPL)
  • BioNTech (BNTX)
  • Facebook (FB)
  • Google (GOOGL)
  • Netflix (NFLX)
  • Amazon (AMZN)
  • Bilibili (BILI)

These tokenized stocks are available even in countries where accessing US stocks through traditional financial instruments is not possible. The tokenization of stocks is the first step towards creating more dynamic and accessible markets where securitized token offerings (STOs) can harness more mature and varied investors. Tokenized stocks can be traded alongside over 250 digital assets listed on the Bittrex Global exchange and marks a significant milestone in the adoption of blockchain technology by traditional financial services.

About Bittrex Global

Bittrex Global has one of the most secure trading platforms and digital wallet infrastructures in the world where customers can access exciting new products. Built on Bittrex’s cutting-edge technology, Bittrex Global provides a high-level experience for professional and novice customers alike.

About DigitalAssets.AG

Swiss-based DigitalAssets.AG facilitates the tokenization of traditional financial assets. Recently, it brought stocks trading to another major crypto exchange in cooperation with German based CM-Equity AG.



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