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Laatste en definitieve overwinning voor Sisvel voordat de Duitse Federale Hooggerechtshof (BGH) in de Sisvel vs Haier zaak

LUXEMBURG– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Gisteren heeft het Duitse Federale Hooggerechtshof de mondelinge argumenten gehoord in een andere octrooi-inbreukzaak tussen Sisvel en Haier met betrekking tot Sisvel’s verzoek om voorlopige voorziening voor inbreuk op cellulaire standaard essentiële patenten (SEP’s) die het bezit. De beslissing die gisteren is genomen, markeert de definitieve beslissing met betrekking tot Haiers inbreuk op Sisvel’s Europese octrooi EP 1264504 (‘EP 504’) en de gerelateerde FRAND-verdediging na een juridisch geschil van zes jaar.

Voorafgaand aan dit vonnis bevestigde de BGH (1) het Duitse deel van Sisvel’s EP 504 geldig op 28 april 2020, (2) bevestigde het Duitse deel van Sisvel’s EP 0 852 885 B1 (“EP 885”) geldig op 10 maart, 2020, en (3) heeft de beslissing van het Hof van Beroep van Düsseldorf van 2017, die Haier op 5 mei 2020 ten onrechte als een bereidwillige licentiehouder beschouwde, teruggedraaid. In de motivering van de beslissing van BGH van mei 2020 bood het nuttige richtlijnen voor bepaalde aspecten van het FRAND-onderhandelingsproces ( zie https://www.sisvel.com/news-events/news/clarifications-on-licensing-of-standard-essential-patents-german-federal-supreme-court-issues-its-final-ruling-in-sisvel -vs-haier-case). Gisteren bevestigde de BGH niet alleen de inbreuk op EP 504, maar herbevestigde zij ook haar standpunten in het besluit van mei 2020.

Last and Final Victory for Sisvel Before the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) In the Sisvel vs Haier Cases

LUXEMBOURG–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Yesterday the German Federal Supreme Court heard the oral arguments in another patent infringement case between Sisvel and Haier regarding Sisvel’s request for injunctive relief for infringement of cellular standard essential patents (SEPs) it owns. The decision rendered yesterday marks the final decision regarding Haier’s infringement of Sisvel’s European patent EP 1 264 504 (“EP 504”), and the related FRAND defense after a 6 year long legal dispute.

Prior to this verdict, the BGH (1) confirmed the German part of Sisvel’s EP 504 valid on April 28, 2020, (2) confirmed the German part of Sisvel’s EP 0 852 885 B1 (“EP 885”) valid on March 10, 2020, and (3) reversed the Düsseldorf Court of Appeal’s 2017 decision that wrongly considered Haier a willing licensee on May 5, 2020. In the motivation of the BGH May 2020 decision, it provided helpful guidance on certain aspects of the FRAND negotiation process (see https://www.sisvel.com/news-events/news/clarifications-on-licensing-of-standard-essential-patents-german-federal-supreme-court-issues-its-final-ruling-in-sisvel-vs-haier-case). Yesterday, the BGH not only confirmed the infringement of EP 504, but also reconfirmed its positions taken in the May 2020 decision.

“Sisvel’s approach has been fully vindicated. Nothing is left to be judged by the BGH in the various Sisvel ./. Haier cases, and we can affirm today that Sisvel was right in protecting a level playing field, seeking all the available remedies.” said Mattia Fogliacco, President of Sisvel International S.A.

“We welcome that the BGH has confirmed its position, and are keen to receive additional guidance, if any, once the motivation of the decision will be made public. But the impression of our lawyers at the hearing was very positive and the verdict speaks for itself. One key element on which great guidance has been already provided relates to Haier’s request for referral to the European Court of Justice for further clarifications, which has been turned down. The BGH rendered its verdict, evidently seeing no need of such referral” said Florian Cordes, Head of European Litigations at Sisvel, “In our view, it couldn’t now be more clear: implementers have the obligation to actively participate in the negotiation process and cannot refrain from concluding a license on FRAND terms.”

About Sisvel’s MCP Licensing Program

The patents asserted against Haier are part of Sisvel’s “Mobile Communication Program” (MCP) and are available under license with its bilateral “Wireless” program as well. The Sisvel MCP is a licensing platform that licenses cellular (2G, 3G, 4G) standard essential patents, which are owned by a variety of companies, including Airbus DS, Fraunhofer, KPN, Mitsubishi Electric, Orange, Sisvel, Wilus and 3G Licensing.

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