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ISAE-SUPAERO heeft op 29 september zijn InnovSpace ingehuldigd

TOULOUSE, Frankrijk– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Een ruimte gewijd aan kennisdeling en ondernemerschap in het hart van ISAE-SUPAERO, de InnovSpace moedigt innovatieve samenwerkingsprojecten aan. Het 8600 vierkante meter grote gebouw zal een prototypingruimte, een digitaal lab en een opstartruimte huisvesten.

Een ruimte gewijd aan creativiteit en innovatie

InnovSpace beoogt een kader te bieden voor innovatieve projecten met een mix van fysieke ruimte, een gemeenschap van gebruikers en entertainment. ISAE-SUPAERO-studenten, alumni en onderzoekers kunnen allemaal profiteren van de InnovSpace, maar het zal ook toegankelijk zijn voor studenten en onderzoekers van andere universiteiten en bedrijven die willen samenwerken aan projecten met ISAE-SUPAERO-studenten.

ISAE-SUPAERO Inaugurated Its InnovSpace on September 29th

TOULOUSE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– A space dedicated to knowledge sharing and entrepreneurship located at the heart of ISAE-SUPAERO, the InnovSpace encourages collaborative innovative projects. The 8600 sq ft building will house a prototyping area, a Digital Lab as well as a start up space.

A space dedicated to creativity and innovation

InnovSpace aims at offering a framework for innovative projects with a mix of physical space, a community of users and entertainment. ISAE-SUPAERO students, alumni and researchers can all benefit from the InnovSpace but it will also be accessible for students and researchers from other universities and businesses wishing to collaborate on projects with ISAE-SUPAERO students.

“Our vision is to create a real community. Innovation is not a personal matter but requires to be open and to exchange ideas. This is why leading businesses are creating these kind of spaces to break down internal walls and foster relationships around an ecosystem of innovation,” saysDan Nguyen, Responsible for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ISAE-SUPAERO.

The prototyping area on the ground floor offers equipment dedicated to mechanics, electronics and 3D printing. Two Fab Managers are on hand to provide technical advice and oversee all activities. The Digital Lab zone offers a free-access video studio, a virtual and augmented reality space as well as a concurrent engineering centre. The ground floor also houses an events space, a showroom and a small meeting room.

From idea to reality

The first floor of the InnovSpace is dedicated to start-ups and student projects and can welcome up to 30 people. Four start-ups are already set up : Dron’Aero develops drones for agriculture, Hinfact works on a neuroergonomics concept, Beyond Aerospace works on building a launcher for nanosatellites and alumni Amaury Ciurana, 2020 graduate, who works on a therapeutic exoskeleton.

As for student projects, InnovSpace will welcome I-CARE, a robotic arm that detects spatial waste, Solarboost, a mobile tricycle with an electric engine powered by solar panels, Green House on Mars, an automated hydroponic greenhouse to feed future martian settlers and finally Diamant BP4, an alumni project reproducing the historic French rocket. A team of teacher researchers is here to help students with their projects.

InnovSpace is supported by the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation

To finance the build and equipment, the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation has been fundraising for over a year. A total of 216 000 euros have been collected.


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