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ISAE-SUPAERO lanceert een nieuwe MOOC over vluchtmechanica

ISAE-SUPAERO, de wereldleider op het gebied van lucht- en ruimtevaarttechniekopleidingen, lanceert in het voorjaar een nieuwe MOOC: “ABC van Flight Mechanica: Hoe vliegen vliegtuigen?

TOULOUSE, Frankrijk (BUSINESS WIRE) – “ABC of Flight Mechanics: Hoe vliegen vliegtuigen”: een MOOC gewijd aan vliegmechanica.

Het begrip vlucht tart vaak onze menselijke aardse instincten. Hoe vliegt een vliegtuig? Hoe kan een piloot de controle behouden? Hoe hoog in de lucht kan een vliegtuig klimmen? Hoe vliegt een gevechtspiloot tijdens het draaien?

Deze online cursus (beschikbaar in het Engels) zal vele onderwerpen behandelen, zoals atmosferische fysica en Newton’s wetten toegepast op vliegtuigen, maar ook voortstuwingskrachten en longitudinale stabiliteit de kwestie van tractie.

ISAE-SUPAERO Launches a New MOOC about Flight Mechanics

ISAE-SUPAERO, the world leader in aerospace engineering training, will launch a new MOOC in spring: “ABC of Flight Mechanics: How Do Planes Fly?”

TOULOUSE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– “ABC of Flight Mechanics: How Do Planes Fly?”: a MOOC dedicated to flight mechanics.

The notion of flight often defies our human terrestrial instincts. How does an airplane fly? How can a pilot maintain control? How high in the sky can an aircraft climb? How does a fighter pilot fly while spinning?

This online course (available in English) will cover many topics, such as atmospheric physics and Newton’s laws applied to aircraft, as well as propulsion forces and longitudinal stability the question of traction.

The MOOC “ABC of Flight Mechanics” is aimed at general public with a specific level of scientific knowledge. Nevertheless, various levels of learning are available, thus it allows all students to take the course without needing to plenty understand the mathematical principles. Undergraduate students in aerospace engineering, trainees as well as novice and experienced pilots, journalists and professionals in the aeronautics domain (business, engineering, marketing, communications, etc.) and all aircraft enthusiasts will be able to enrich their knowledge.

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MOOC start date: 25 March 2019
Please note: this MOOC is available in English only.


Global leader in higher education for aerospace engineering, ISAE-SUPAERO offers a unique range of training at the highest level: ISAE-SUPAERO engineer, CNAM-ISAE apprenticeship engineer, 1 Master of Science in “Aerospace Engineering” (in English), 5 research-oriented master degrees, 14 specialized master degrees and 6 doctoral programs.
It has developed a research policy focused on the future needs of the aerospace and high-tech industries, setting up more than ten teaching and research chairs with these companies.
ISAE-SUPAERO is a founding member of the Federal University of Toulouse and responsible for the aerospace division, spearheading initiatives such as the GIS micro-drones or the Toulouse University Space Center (CSUT). It is also a founding member of the ISAE Group (ISAE-SUPAERO, ISAE-ENSMA, ESTACA, School of Air, Supmeca).
At international level, ISAE-SUPAERO cooperates with leading universities in Europe (TU Munich, TU Delft, ETSIA Madrid, Politecnico Torino and Milano, KTH Stockholm, Imperial College, Cranfield, etc.), North America (Caltech, Stanford, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley, Montreal EP, etc.), Latin America and Asia.
The ISAE-SUPAERO learning community consists of more than 100 full-time professors and researchers, 1,800 lecturers from the professional world and 1,700 undergraduate students. More than 30% of its 650 annual graduates are international students. Its alumni network has more than 21,500 former students.

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