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FLIR Systems kondigt kunstmatige intelligentie verkeerscamera’s aan voor voorspellend verkeersbeheer

Nieuwe FLIR ThermiCam AI en TrafiCam AI met kunstmatige intelligentie aan de rand optimaliseren de verkeersstroom voor verbeterde efficiëntie en veiligheid op de rijbaan

ARLINGTON, Va. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – FLIR Systems, Inc. heeft vandaag twee intelligente verkeerssysteemcamera’s aangekondigd, de FLIR ThermiCam ™ AI * met warmtebeeldcamera en de FLIR TrafiCam ™ AI zichtbare camera, beide met kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) om te optimaliseren verkeersstroom op wegen en kruispunten. In combinatie met het FLIR Acyclica ™ -cloudplatform kunnen steden de AI-cameragegevens toepassen om verkeer te voorspellen, congestie en mogelijke ongevallen te voorkomen en 24 uur per dag veiligere wegen te creëren voor bestuurders, fietsers en voetgangers.

FLIR Systems Announces Artificial Intelligence Traffic Cameras for Predictive Traffic Management

New FLIR ThermiCam AI and TrafiCam AI with Artificial Intelligence at the Edge Optimizes Traffic Flow for Improved Roadway Efficiency and Safety

ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– FLIR Systems, Inc. today announced two intelligent traffic system cameras, the FLIR ThermiCamAI* with thermal imaging and the FLIR TrafiCam AI visible camera, both with artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize traffic flow on roadways and at intersections. When combined with the FLIR Acyclica cloud platform, cities can apply the AI-camera data to predict traffic, prevent congestion and potential accidents, and create safer roads for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians 24 hours a day.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201109005113/en/

Traffic engineers apply data from AI-enabled cameras, FLIR ThermiCam AI and TrafiCam AI, to predict traffic and prevent congestion and potential accidents for safer roads. (Photo: Business Wire)

Traffic engineers apply data from AI-enabled cameras, FLIR ThermiCam AI and TrafiCam AI, to predict traffic and prevent congestion and potential accidents for safer roads. (Photo: Business Wire)

“FLIR traffic systems are currently installed in 75 countries, and with the addition of ThermiCam AI and TrafiCam AI, FLIR now offers a fully integrated solution that enables traffic engineers and city planners to apply AI-based learnings to continuously optimize traffic flow,” said Rickard Lindvall, General Manager, Solutions Business, FLIR Systems. “The integrated solution enables cities to improve urban roadway design to make cities safer and more livable.”

The AI-enabled cameras help control traffic dynamically at the edge through real-time data capture and processing, and provide input to traffic signal controllers at intersections, which improves traffic flow and safety in the moment. With the ability to capture heat energy data through a thermal sensor within the ThermiCam AI, and a visible low-light, high-definition sensor within the TrafiCam AI, cities’ traffic signals have complete continuous monitoring, in all weather conditions and even through smoke for tunnel monitoring. The cameras are also Wi-Fi enabled for travel time calculations and other origin-destination applications. In the future, the cameras can be retrofitted with 5G cellular antennas to support vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity, which will further improve road safety.

The FLIR Acyclica cloud platform provides the tools and analytics needed to better understand traffic data. When ThermiCam AI and TrafiCam AI are paired with the Acyclica cloud platform, cities can apply their AI-based learnings to real time data to make predictive traffic pattern changes for more efficient and safer cities.

The new AI traffic cameras are available globally in the first quarter of 2021. To learn more about FLIR ThermiCam AI and TrafiCam AI, visit www.flir.com/thermicam-ai and www.flir.com/traficam-ai. For more information about FLIR traffic solutions, visit www.flir.com/traffic/.

*The ThermiCam AI camera is sold as the TrafiSenseAI camera in the United States and Canada. To learn more visit www.flir.com/trafisense-ai.

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