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FLIR lanceert Ranger HDC MR high-definition mid-range bewakingssysteem

Nieuw AI-Ready HD Thermal ImagingSystem vermindert de kosten en de logistiek; verhoogt de bewakingscapaciteit voor de beveiliging van de grenzen en de infrastructuur, de bescherming van de strijdkrachten en de toepassingen van Counter-UAS

ARLINGTON, Va. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) heeft vandaag de lancering aangekondigd van de FLIR Ranger® HDC MR, een nieuw high-definition midrange-surveillancesysteem. De Ranger HDC MR zet een nieuwe standaard voor surveillance met zijn vermogen om illegale activiteiten te detecteren, zelfs in slechtere weersomstandigheden, met behulp van ingebedde analyses en beeldverwerking om de cognitieve werklast te verminderen, waardoor operators snel onderscheid kunnen maken tussen echte bedreigingen en valse alarmen.

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FLIR Launches Ranger HDC MR High-Definition Mid-Range Surveillance System

New AI-Ready HD Thermal Imaging System Reduces Costs and Logistics; Boosts Surveillance Capability for Border and Infrastructure Security, Force Protection, and Counter-UAS Applications

ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) today announced the launch of the FLIR Ranger® HDC MR, a new high-definition midrange surveillance system. The Ranger HDC MR sets a new standard for surveillance with its ability to detect illegal activities even in degraded weather conditions, utilizing embedded analytics and image processing to reduce the cognitive workload, enabling operators to distinguish quickly between true threats and false alarms.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200310005170/en/

FLIR Ranger® HDC MR sets a new standard for surveillance with its ability to detect illegal activities, even in degraded weather conditions, using embedded analytics and advanced image processing so operators can distinguish quickly between true threats and false alarms. (Photo: Business Wire)

FLIR Ranger® HDC MR sets a new standard for surveillance with its ability to detect illegal activities, even in degraded weather conditions, using embedded analytics and advanced image processing so operators can distinguish quickly between true threats and false alarms. (Photo: Business Wire)

The FLIR Ranger HDC MR is a high-performance HD thermal imaging system for about the same price as standard resolution systems. Compared to standard systems, Ranger HDC MR can capture a wider array of views with the same target resolution, thanks to its HD imagery. Mission capability is extended two-fold with a built-in fog filter to see through fog and haze, as well as an optional Merlin ASX turbulence filter to see through heat/air turbulence for more accurate target classification. Ranger HDC MR also is ready to host on-board AI image processing for faster decision-making. Its advanced technology improves reliability while lowering downtime and maintenance with a lifelong core that more than doubles the mean-time between failures of previous models.

“Whether securing borders, ports, facilities or troops, the FLIR Ranger HDC MR delivers a new level of surveillance so operators can act fast against threats,” said David Ray, president of the Government & Defense Technologies business at FLIR. “This new system can eliminate days of inefficient surveillance by using on-the-edge technology to see through poor weather conditions, increasing up-time. Our powerful Ranger HDC MR offers customers a cost-effective solution that boosts mission success.”

Equipped with a high-definition thermal imager with a 1280 x 720 detector and a 1920 x 1080 HD color TV camera, the Ranger HDC MR is designed for integration with other sensors, making it ideal for counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) applications. The AI-ready HDC MR also includes an industry leading cybersecurity tool that lowers risk by scanning each software release to help ensure the system is protected from cyber-attacks.

The FLIR Ranger HDC MR is available for order now and will begin shipping in Q3-2020. To learn more, visit flir.com/products/ranger-hdc-mr.

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