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Axway creëert een return-to-work app. Geeft de broncode vrij aan het publiek.

Griffin App volledig gemaakt op het Axway AMPLIFY-platform.

PHOENIX– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), een toonaangevende leverancier van API Management en integratiesoftware, kondigt de release aan van de broncode voor Axway’s planningsassistent voor mobiele kantoren, de Griffin App. Hun doel is om andere bedrijven te helpen veilig naar kantoor terug te keren met behulp van API’s en mobiele technologie.

Om terug te keren naar het kantoor in elk van de 17 landen waar Axway-medewerkers werken, moesten de teams verschillende vereisten volgen voor opening, afhankelijk van de regio. Deze omvatten overheidsvoorschriften, bouwvoorschriften en lokale screeningvragen die uniek zijn voor elke locatie. Dankzij de Griffin-app kunnen medewerkers nu de huidige en geplande capaciteit voor een specifiek kantoor op een bepaalde datum zien en hun werkdag dienovereenkomstig voorbereiden.

Axway creates return-to-work app. Releases source code to the public.

Griffin App created entirely on the Axway AMPLIFY platform.

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a leading provider of API Management and integration software, announces the release of the source code for Axway’s mobile office scheduling assistant, the Griffin App. Their goal is to help other companies return to the office safely using APIs and mobile technology.

To return to the office in each of the 17 countries Axway employees work, its teams had to follow varying requirements for opening, depending on the region. These include government regulations, building regulations, and localized screening questions unique for each location. Thanks to the Griffin App, employees can now see the current and scheduled capacity for any specific office on a given date, then prepare their workday accordingly.

“With over two thousand employees in nearly 30 offices, we were looking for the best solution to empower employees in their choice to utilize our office spaces throughout the world,” said Dominique Fougerat, EVP People & Culture at Axway. “The Griffin App helps Axway manage capacity in each office and ensure safety requirements are observed during the pandemic. We are now releasing that code to any company that wants to do the same for their employees.”

The cross-platform native mobile app for iOS and Android — and the entire backend — was built using the AMPLIFY platform. This includes many platform services like AMPLIFY™ Titanium, API Builder, Mobile Backend Services (MBS), AMPLIFY Runtime Services, and AMPLIFY API Management. With the release of the source code, companies can use the power of AMPLIFY to quickly and easily integrate with any third-party application required by the organization. The open source of the code and its API centricity means developers can adapt to local environments, a capability that aligns with Axway’s Open Everything initiative.

“Our Griffin Innovation Lab, in partnership with the CTIO office, came together to create a full backend infrastructure to record office utilization,” continued Fougerat. “Using the Axway AMPLIFY Platform, it took only one of our developers just two weeks to create an experience that empowers employees – and my local HR representatives – to manage the nuances of over two dozen offices.”

You can find the Griffin App source code on Github here.

Learn more about building the app here.

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