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Moody’s Analytics lanceert tool voor analyse van COVID-19-nieuwssentiment

NEW YORK– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Moody’s Analytics heeft Coronavirus Pulse  gelanceerd, een machine learning-tool voor het meten van COVID-19-nieuwsgevoel. Met dit instrument kunnen marktdeelnemers zoeken naar realtime nieuwsverslaggeving, COVID-19-gerelateerde nieuwsberichten over een gekozen financiële instelling, bedrijf of sector bekijken en zien of elk verhaal een negatief, neutraal of positief sentiment heeft.

Coronavirus Pulse is gratis toegankelijk via de webpagina Moody’s Coronavirus Effects, die onderzoek biedt naar en inzicht geeft in de krediet- en economische gevolgen van de pandemie.

“Naarmate de coronaviruscrisis evolueert, erkennen we dat uitgebreide en tijdige informatie noodzakelijk is voor besluitvormers”, zegt Keith Berry, Executive Director van Moody’s Analytics Accelerator. “Coronavirus Pulse is een aanvulling op kwantitatieve analyse door marktdeelnemers te helpen bij het efficiënter identificeren van opkomende risicothema’s voor de sectoren die zij volgen.”

Moody’s Analytics Launches Tool for COVID-19 News Sentiment Analysis

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Moody’s Analytics has launched Coronavirus Pulse, a machine learning-enabled tool for gauging COVID-19 news sentiment. This tool allows market participants to search for real-time news coverage, see COVID-19-related news stories about a chosen financial institution, company or sector, and view whether each story has adverse, neutral, or positive sentiment.

Coronavirus Pulse can be accessed free of charge from the Moody’s Coronavirus Effects web page, which offers research and views on the credit and economic impacts of the pandemic.

“As the coronavirus crisis evolves, we recognize that comprehensive and timely information is imperative to decision makers,” said Keith Berry, Executive Director of Moody’s Analytics Accelerator. “Coronavirus Pulse complements quantitative analysis by helping market participants more efficiently identify emerging risk themes for the sectors they monitor.”

Coronavirus Pulse uses machine learning and natural language processing to find English-language news articles related to COVID-19 and identify companies, sector-specific themes, and events mentioned in each article. It then assigns “article” and “credit” sentiment to each news item by evaluating the overall context of the story. Adverse, neutral, or positive “article” sentiment is assigned based on an approach that captures reputational, political, medical, and macroeconomic risks. Meanwhile, adverse “credit” sentiment is assigned to each item based on an approach developed for use in the Moody’s Analytics Credit Sentiment Score™ solution, which captures credit-relevant risks.

Developed by the Moody’s Analytics Accelerator, Coronavirus Pulse is built on a transferable framework of artificial intelligence models and is custom-trained using relevant data from across Moody’s Analytics. It is part of an evolving suite of solutions that use advanced machine learning techniques to scan unstructured data and deliver news sentiment analysis.

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