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Moody’s Analytics wint drie Structured Finance Awards in Chartis RiskTech100®

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Moody’s Analytics heeft drie categorieën gewonnen voor ons gestructureerde financieringsaanbod in de Chartis RiskTech100® van dit jaar: Pricing & Analytics: Credit for the Banking Book, Pricing & Analytics: Credit for CLO’sen OpsTech: Securitization Services. Moody’s Analytics behaalde ook de # 2 overall ranking, een stijging van # 4 in de afgelopen twee jaar, samen met in totaal 10 categorieoverwinningen.

Een grondig begrip van de behoeften van de gestructureerde financiële gemeenschap ligt ten grondslag aan onze bekroonde reeks oplossingen, waaronder de Structured Finance Portalen andere analytische platforms voor investeerders, samen met de Ki™-oplossing voor de uitgevers van securitisaties.

Moody’s Analytics Wins Three Structured Finance Awards in Chartis RiskTech100®

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Moody’s Analytics has won three categories for our structured finance offerings in this year’s Chartis RiskTech100®: Pricing & Analytics: Credit for the Banking Book, Pricing & Analytics: Credit for CLOs, and OpsTech: Securitization Services. Moody’s Analytics also earned the #2 overall ranking, up from #4 the last two years, along with a total of 10 category wins.

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A thorough understanding of the structured finance community’s needs underlies our award-winning suite of solutions, which includes the Structured Finance Portal and other analytical platforms for investors along with the Ki™ solution for issuers of securitizations.

For example, we have learned that flexibility in accessing structured finance data and analytics is essential—some structured market participants prefer a web portal, some require local or hosted APIs, while others make use of data feeds or different microservices. However a customer chooses to access the content they need, Moody’s Analytics is able to provide it.

Reaching back almost 30 years, the depth of Moody’s Analytics structured finance data is unmatched. Our technology infrastructure allows that rich and extensive information to be delivered quickly, in exactly the ways customers want. This combination of data and technology differentiates the Moody’s Analytics structured finance offerings and was a key driver of these awards.

We continue to strengthen our offerings in line with evolving market needs. Among recent developments:

» The new CLO Credit Events tool allows users to analyze multiple credit events: collateral quality compliance test failures, deterioration of collateral quality tests for CLO deals, credit rating migrations, price changes, and more.

» Scenario Manager, our new cashflow assumptions repository, lets users categorize, store, and run their cashflow scenarios by certain ABS asset classes.

» Enhanced cashflow capabilities allow users to generate faster return times and optimize their experience.

“Structured finance market participants are under more pressure than ever before to make better, faster decisions,” said Nicole Lawrence, Senior Director at Moody’s Analytics. “For our growing customer base we are proud to enable those decisions with the right information, accessed quickly and flexibly. We have invested significantly to continue expanding our structured finance capabilities, and we are honored to win these three awards from Chartis, which validate our strategy.”

These wins for our structured finance solutions add to the growing list of industry recognition for Moody’s Analytics, which includes Securitization Technology Provider of the Year at the 2020 GlobalCapital US Securitization Awards.

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