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CSG Cloud-Native Rating and Charging-oplossing nu in productie bij klanten over de hele wereld

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) heeft vandaag een nieuwe toevoeging aan zijn Ascendon-platform geïntroduceerd, CSG Ascendon Rating & Charging, een volledig cloud-native, serverloze oplaadsoftware als een service (SaaS). De oplossing is nu actief in gebruik en biedt CSG-klanten realtime online oplaadfunctionaliteit en beoordelingsmogelijkheden ter ondersteuning en schaalbaarheid van draadloze en digitale services die vandaag en in de toekomst worden aangeboden.

Naarmate het aantal apparaten en verbindingen toeneemt, hebben operators zeer flexibele oplossingen nodig om evenementen in realtime, op schaal en voor innovatieve modellen voor het genereren van inkomsten te beoordelen en in rekening te brengen. Als een volledig gehoste, multi-tenant, SaaS-oplossing die is ontworpen op basis van Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ascendon Rating en Charging, wordt het elastisch geschaald wanneer de volumes fluctueren, wat een efficiënt en kosteneffectief beheer van netwerkbronnen mogelijk maakt.

CSG Cloud-Native Rating and Charging Solution Now in Production With Customers Worldwide

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) today introduced a new addition to its Ascendon platform, CSG Ascendon Rating & Charging, a fully cloud-native, serverless charging software as a service (SaaS). Now actively in use, the solution provides CSG customers with real-time online charging functionality and rating capabilities to support and scale for wireless and digital services offered today and in the future.

As device types and connections surge, operators need highly flexible solutions to rate and charge for events in real-time, at scale, and for innovative monetization models. As a fully hosted, multi-tenant, SaaS solution architected on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ascendon Rating and Charging elastically scales when volumes fluctuate allowing for efficient and cost-effective management of network resources.

The solution can be used to configure any combination of products, offers, and eligibility rules, as well as how they are sold across channels, in a matter of minutes. It enables balance sharing across multiple devices and services and gives operators the ability to charge dynamically based on network events, with real-time notifications to help engage the customer.

The solution also provides online charging system (OCS) capabilities including real-time authorization and balance management for voice, data, content and digital services; usage processing and rating; and dynamic entitlements that ensure accurate charging.

“Modern business models are centered around emerging digital offers that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively,” said Chad Dunavant, head of global product management, CSG. “CSG Ascendon Rating and Charging is a new breed of cloud-native SaaS that helps operators successfully deploy new services like 5G, while helping them manage risk and optimize operational costs.” (video)

Key technical features include:

  • Resiliency by design: High availability and geographically distributed across multiple AWS availability zones (AZs) to help ensure a fail-proof environment. It exceeds the resilience of traditional data centers by utilizing multiple AZs by design, providing a minimum of active-active-active configuration.
  • Grow as you go: Provides an unlimited supply of cloud-compute and scalability through AWS, taking the guesswork out of required capacity and eliminating the need for large upfront capital expenditures, lowering operational costs.
  • Fully featured and highly flexible: Configurable to support any wireless or digital service or bundled offer, as well as multiple charging models including pre-pay, post-pay, currency conversion, payments, invoicing, and adjustments.
  • Fully managed: Complete management of operations and issues, as well as automated quarterly releases deployed by CSG, allowing for rapid deployment of new features and efficient management of resources internally.
  • Network/platform agnostic: Charge for any transaction across any network or service platform.

This solution is part of CSG Ascendon, a globally recognized and award-winning digital monetization platform that has helped some of the world’s most innovative companies not just compete but thrive in the digital economy. Ascendon is part of CSG’s Revenue and Customer Management suite of end-to-end capabilities that support more than 500 companies globally, providing them with flexible and configurable technology solutions that help them monetize and digitally enable their customer experiences.


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