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JEOL: release van een nieuwe ultrahoge atoomresolutie analytische elektronenmicroscoop JEM-ARM300F2 (GRAND ARM (TM) 2)

TOKYO– (BUSINESS WIRE) – JEOL Ltd. (TOKYO: 6951) (President & COO Izumi Oi) kondigt de release aan van een nieuwe analytische elektronenmicroscoop met atomaire resolutie, JEM-ARM300F2 (GRAND ARM (TM) 2), die in februari wordt vrijgegeven 2020.

Productontwikkeling achtergrond

In Electron Microscopy is een groot aantal microscopisten en ingenieurs blijven streven naar verbetering van de resolutie. Ondertussen heeft JEOL inspanningen geleverd om de stabiliteit van de transmissie-elektronenmicroscoop (TEM) te verbeteren. Door aberratiecorrectietechnologieën met deze inspanningen te combineren, hebben we met succes een buitengewoon hoge resolutie bereikt.

De JEM-ARM300F (GRAND ARM (TM)) is een atoomresolutie TEM gericht op het bereiken van de beste resolutie in zijn klasse. Maar de eisen voor de moderne TEM omvatten karakterisering van niet alleen harde materialen maar ook zachte materialen. Onder deze omstandigheden vragen TEM-gebruikers om een verder verbeterde resolutie en analyse met een hogere mate van nauwkeurigheid.

JEOL: Release of a New Ultrahigh Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron Microscope JEM-ARM300F2 (GRAND ARM(TM)2)

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– JEOL Ltd. (TOKYO:6951) (President & COO Izumi Oi) announces the release of a new atomic resolution analytical electron microscope, JEM-ARM300F2 (GRAND ARM(TM)2) to be released in February 2020.

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JEM-ARM300F2 (Photo: Business Wire)

JEM-ARM300F2 (Photo: Business Wire)

Product development background

In Electron Microscopy, a great number of microscopists and engineers have continued to pursue the improvement of resolution. Meanwhile, JEOL has made efforts to improve the stability of the transmission electron microscope (TEM). Combining aberration correction technologies with these efforts, we have successfully achieved superbly high resolution.

The JEM-ARM300F (GRAND ARM(TM)) is an atomic resolution TEM focused on achieving the best-in-class resolution. But the demands for the modern TEM include characterization of not only hard materials but also soft materials. Under these circumstances, TEM users request further improved resolution and analysis with a higher degree of accuracy.

JEOL has developed a new TEM, the JEM-ARM300F2 (GRAND ARM(TM)2), which meets these requests. This ultrahigh atomic resolution analytical TEM has many features. In particular, with a new objective lens polepiece, “FHP2”, the GRAND ARM(TM)2 achieves an optimal combination of superbly-high atomic resolution imaging along with best-in-class, large solid angle EDS elemental analysis.

The standard configuration of GRAND ARM(TM)2 includes an enclosure that mitigates external disturbances, thus leading to higher stability of the instrument.

Main features

1. An optimal combination of ultrahigh spatial resolution with high sensitivity X-ray analysis.

The features of the newly developed FHP2 objective lens polepiece are as follows:

1) Compared with the previous FHP, the FHP2 provides higher X-ray detection efficiency (1.4sr), more than double that of the FHP.

2) A low optical coefficient, low Cc coefficient & low Cs coefficient enable ultrahigh spatial resolution and high sensitivity X-ray analysis to be performed over a range of accelerating voltages.

(Guaranteed STEM resolution: 53pm at 300kV, 96pm at 80kV)*

*This is when the STEM Expanding Trajectory Aberration (ETA) Corrector is configured.

2. The Wide Gap Polepiece (WGP) for the objective lens enables ultrahigh sensitivity X-ray analysis.

This polepiece, with a wide gap between the upper pole and lower pole, has the following advantages:

1) The WGP allows large-area SDDs (silicon drift detectors) to be brought closer to the specimen, achieving ultrahigh sensitivity X-ray analysis (total solid angle of 2.2sr).

2) The WGP accommodates thicker specimen holders, allowing for various types of in-situ experiments.

3. Spherical aberration (Cs) correctors developed by JEOL are integrated into the microscope column and provide ultrahigh spatial resolution.

1) Combined with the FHP2, the GRAND ARM(TM)2 achieves a STEM resolution of 53pm at 300kV.

2) Combined with the WGP, the GRAND ARM(TM)2 achieves a STEM resolution of 59pm at 300kV.

3) JEOL COSMO(TM) (Corrector System Module) makes it possible to perform aberration correction quickly and easily.

4. A cold field emission gun (Cold-FEG) is provided as standard.

The GRAND ARM(TM)2 is equipped with a Cold-FEG which provides a smaller energy spread from the electron source.

5. An enclosure that mitigates external disturbances

This new enclosure is standard for reducing external disturbances such as air flow, changes of room temperature and acoustic noise.

Main specifications

Guaranteed resolution

HAADF-STEM image: 53pm (with ETA corrector and FHP2)

Electron gun: Cold field emission gun (Cold-FEG)

Accelerating voltage

Standard: 300kV and 80kV

Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer

Large-area SDD (158 mm2): Dual detectors are possible

Solid angle: 1.4sr (with FHP2)

Annual unit sales target

10 units/year


3-1-2, Musashino, Akishima, Tokyo, 196-8558, Japan

Izumi Oi, President & COO

(Stock code: 6951, Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section)




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