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Henley & Partners benoemd tot marketingagent voor burgerschap-door-investeringsprogramma van Montenegro

LONDEN-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Henley & Partners is verheugd te zijn aangesteld als marketingagent voor Montenegro’s nieuwe burgerschap-door-investeringsprogramma.

Als wereldwijde leider in residentie- en burgerschapsplanning is Henley & Partners uniek gepositioneerd om een ongeëvenaarde waarde te bieden aan zowel soevereine staten als rijke families. Het bedrijf heeft meer dan 20 jaar ervaring in strategisch advies en in het ontwerpen, opzetten en uitvoeren van ‘s werelds meest succesvolle residentie- en burgerschapsprogramma’s. Met 30 kantoren wereldwijd biedt Henley & Partners’ bereik en schaalgrootte soevereine staten ongeëvenaarde toegang tot een werkelijk diverse wereldwijde groep van rijke ondernemers en investeerders.

Henley & Partners Appointed Marketing Agent for Montenegro’s Citizenship-by-Investment Program

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Henley & Partners is delighted to have been appointed as Marketing Agent for Montenegro’s new citizenship-by-investment program.

As the global leader in residence and citizenship planning, Henley & Partners is uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled value to both sovereign states and wealthy families. The firm has over 20 years of experience in strategic consulting and in the design, set-up, and operation of the world’s most successful residence and citizenship programs. With 30 offices worldwide, Henley & Partners’ reach and scale gives sovereign states unrivalled access to a truly diverse global pool of wealthy entrepreneurs and investors.

Commenting on the extraordinary potential Montenegro represents for sophisticated investors, Dr. Juerg Steffen, CEO of Henley & Partners, says, “Montenegro is one of the most beautiful and dynamic countries in Europe, and its citizenship-by-investment program will unlock global mobility for a wide range of wealthy investors. Currently ranked 45th on the Henley Passport Index with a visa-free/visa-on arrival score of 123, the country has an admirable safety record and a strong commitment to the rule of law. As well as being a NATO member, it is a recognized candidate for future membership of the European Union, and is in the process of aligning its legislation with EU law.”

The Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Program will be limited to just 2000 applicants and will offer individuals several options in terms of investment, including a EUR 450,000 investment in projects in developed areas or a EUR 250,000 investment in projects in less developed areas. The government will, in addition, charge a fee of EUR 100,000 per application. The compensation will be directed to a special fund for the development of underdeveloped areas.

Montenegro has already had significant success in attracting the global community of high-net-worth individuals, with the Porto Montenegro marina now a highly sought-after destination for the global elite. Dr. Steffen says, “We look forward to supporting Montenegro and offering its program to our global network. We are confident the new citizenship offering will create value well beyond the benefits enjoyed by investors. The program will be a major provider of debt free capital, which will both strengthen and diversify the Montenegrin economy and create new employment opportunities for Montenegro’s people and enrich its society as a whole.”


Paddy Blewer
Group PR Director

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