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Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment voltooit de eerste succesvolle aanvraag

LONDON-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Als concessiehouder van het Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment (MCBI)-programma is Henley & Partners verheugd over de succesvolle afronding van de eerste aanvraag voor burgerschap-bij-investeringen in het land.

Henley & Partners heeft meer dan 20 jaar ervaring in strategisch advies en werkt samen met soevereine staten over de hele wereld aan het ontwerp, de opzet en de werking van de meest gerespecteerde investeringsmigratieprogramma’s ter wereld. De voltooiing van de eerste aanvraagprocedure voor burgerschap per investering in Moldavië illustreert duidelijk de kenmerken die de kern van het MCBI-programma vormen: indrukwekkende efficiëntie en een sterke betrokkenheid bij de toepassing van de beste werkwijze. Binnen een periode van drie maanden worden aanvragers grondig gescreend in een meerfasig due diligence-proces dat ervoor zorgt dat alleen zeer geloofwaardige internationale investeerders de Moldavische nationaliteit krijgen.

Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment Program Completes First Successful Application

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– As concessionaire of the Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment (MCBI) program, Henley & Partners is pleased to note the successful completion of the first citizenship-by-investment application in the country.

Henley & Partners has over 20 years of experience in strategic consulting, working with sovereign states around the globe in the design, set-up, and operation of the world’s most respected investment migration programs. The completion of the first citizenship-by-investment application process in Moldova clearly illustrates the features that are at the core of the MCBI program: impressive efficiency and a firm commitment to best practice. Within a three-month window, applicants are thoroughly screened in a multi-stage due diligence process that ensures only highly credible international investors are granted Moldovan citizenship.

There are currently over 30 applications in process, which is a testament to the international investment community’s growing appreciation of the value of the program and of Moldova as a prospective destination for foreign direct investment. As the most affordable citizenship-by-investment program on the European continent, the MCBI program offers investors significant value: successful applicants gain access to Europe’s Schengen Area and the post-Soviet region, a business-friendly environment, and a passport that facilitates travel access to 121 destinations around the world.

As well as the benefits it offers investors, the MCBI program will provide an ongoing income stream for Moldova that can be strategically and transparently invested in projects that enhance the lives of all citizens. It will build on an existing system that has successfully invested capital donated by the Millennium Challenge Corporation into infrastructure and agriculture. In the years ahead, the program is expected to act as a marketing platform for the country that will demonstrate the value of the Moldovan economy to prospective investors.

CEO of Henley & Partners Dr. Juerg Steffen commented: “This is an important first step for the MCBI program, and our decades of experience as the world’s leading investment migration firm makes us certain that further successes will soon follow. Among our industry’s many positive attributes, one of the most significant is its ability to provide nations with a considerable source of sustainable revenue without requiring them to become further indebted. The resulting increases in business activity and new employment opportunities lead to a more vibrant and positive socio-economic environment.”


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