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Nexo, ‘s werelds grootste Crypto-kredietverlener, publiceert tussentijds verslag


Nexo biedt onmiddellijke cryptoleningen zonder kredietcontroles, eersteklas bewaarneming en militaire veiligheid.

Nexo, ‘s werelds meest geavanceerde instant crypto leningverstrekker, deelt het tussentijdse rapport waarin de dividenduitkering van $912.071,00 aan in aanmerking komende NEXO Token Holders die zich op 15 december 2018 voordeed.

In enkel zes maanden, heeft het crypto lenende model van Nexo een netto winst van $3.040.239 geproduceerd.

Het interim-dividend werd betaald in NEXO-munten op basis van de NEXO/USD-wisselkoers van $0,104256. Met iets meer dan 309 miljoen in aanmerking komende penningen op het platform op de ex-dividenddatum, werd US$0,002945 per penning uitgekeerd.

Dit betekent dat het jaarlijkse dividendrendement van NEXO 4,80% bedraagt, wat beter is dan alle dividendaandelen in de portefeuille van Warren Buffett: Apple op 1,4%, JPMorgan op 3%, Wells Fargo op 3,3% en Goldman Sachs op 1,6%. Op het interim-dividend wordt geen bronbelasting geheven.

Nexo, the World’s Largest Crypto Lender, Publishes Interim Report

Nexo offers instant crypto loans with no credit checks, first class custodianship, and military-grade security.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nexo, the world’s most advanced instant crypto loan provider, is sharing the interim report detailing the dividend distribution of $912,071.00 to eligible NEXO Token Holders that occurred on December 15, 2018.

In just six months, Nexo’s crypto lending model has generated a net profit of $3,040,239.

The interim dividend was paid in NEXO Tokens based on the NEXO/USD exchange rate of $0.104256. With just over 309 million eligible tokens on the platform at the ex-dividend date, US$0.002945 per token were distributed.

This means that the annualized dividend yield of NEXO is 4.80% which beats all dividend stocks in Warren Buffett’s portfolio: Apple at 1.4%, JPMorgan at 3%, Wells Fargo at 3.3% and Goldman Sachs at 1.6%. No withholding taxes are imposed on the interim dividend.

The creation of token holder value and pioneering financial innovation for the blockchain space are both encoded in Nexo’s DNA. In an environment where less than 13 percent of ICOs have delivered a live product, Nexo has raised funds in a compliant manner, developed a usable crypto-lending wallet and formed a profitable business model in less than six months.

“We have had people borrow for all sorts of purposes from buying a car and going on a vacation to purchasing a new home, which are significant events in people’s lives. Now we are taking the next logical step of sharing of profits with our community of investors. At Nexo we believe that this concept will be the next huge trend across a quickly tokenizing world,” said Nexo Co-Founder Antoni Trenchev.

A fixed 30% of net profit is paid out as dividend to the eligible NEXO Token holders in a given dividend period, which not only offers investors with long-term capital gain opportunities from the potential upside of the NEXO Token, but also provides them with an instrument with a regular and growing passive income.

About Nexo

Nexo offers the world’s largest and most trusted instant crypto lending service. A truly borderless enterprise, Nexo offers clients 40+ fiat currencies to choose from in over 200 jurisdictions. Find out more about Nexo dividends here.


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