14:30 uur 09-10-2018

Open dag op de ISAE-SUPAERO campus


“Daag de publieke opinie uit: open de deur naar de wetenschap!”

Zaterdag 13 oktober 2018 van 10.00 tot 18.00 uur

In het kader van de Wetenschapsbeurs, dit jaar georganiseerd rond het thema ‘popular opinion’, zal de ISAE-SUPAERO op zaterdag 13 oktober van 10.00 tot 18.00 uur zijn hele campus openstellen voor het publiek. Het evenement is gericht op gezinnen, bedrijven, partners, journalisten of alumni (oud-studenten) en er worden meer dan 3.000 mensen verwacht.

Gedurende de dag zullen er verschillende discussies plaatsvinden om de publieke opinie uit te leggen en stelling te ontkrachten bij het grote publiek: “Mechanica is niet voor meisjes”, “We gebruiken slechts 10% van onze hersenen”, “Robots zijn slim”, “Digitale simulatie is alleen voor geeks”, “Astronauten zweven omdat er geen zwaartekracht is”, “Laserstralen worden alleen gebruikt voor gevechten in science fiction films”, “Vliegtuigmotoren vervuilen de atmosfeer en ze zijn luidruchtig”, en nog veel meer.

Open day at the ISAE-SUPAERO campus


“Challenge popular opinion: open the door to science!”

Saturday October 13, 2018 from 10.00 to 18.00

As part of the Science Fair, organized this year around the theme of ‘popular opinion’, the ISAE-SUPAERO will open its entire campus to the public on Saturday, October 13 from 10.00 to 18.00. The event is aimed at families, businesses, partners, journalists or alumni (former students) and more than 3,000 people are expected to attend.

Several discussions will take place throughout the day to explain and debunk popular opinion with the general public: “Mechanics is not for girls”, “We use only 10% of our brain”, “Robots are smart”, “Digital simulation is only for geeks”, “Astronauts float because there’s no gravity”, “Laser beams are only used for fighting in science fiction movies”, “Aircraft engines pollute the atmosphere and they’re noisy”, and many more.

Programme at the ISAE-SUPAERO:

➢ Lab visits and scientific demonstrations

➢ Tour of the aero-acoustic wind tunnel – the only facility of its kind in Europe

➢ Demonstrations

➢ Meetings with student clubs

➢ Activities for children

➢ Conference on “How does this aircraft fly safely?”

➢ “My student life at ISAE-SUPAERO” tour with an overview of the engineering curriculum, presentation of digital learning and guided tours of the student campus, sports facilities, residences and the university restaurant

➢ Boutique for kids: a chance to buy ISAE-SUPAERO souvenirs

➢ Show by the student band, Los Soupaéros

Practical information

Free entry – Address: 10 avenue Edouard Belin, 31055 Toulouse. Ring road (Rocade) exit 20. No parking in the vicinity; please use public transport (bus no. 27 and 37, get off at ‘Laas CNRS’ or ‘Supaero’; Metro station ‘Faculté de Pharmacie’). ID required for admission. Entrance on avenue Colonel Roche or avenue Edouard Belin. VélôToulouse stations nearby. Drinks and on-site catering available.


Global leader in higher education for aerospace engineering, ISAE-SUPAERO offers a unique range of training at the highest level: ISAE-SUPAERO engineer, CNAM-ISAE apprenticeship engineer, Master of Science in “Aerospace Engineering” (in English), 5 research-oriented master degrees, 15 specialized master degrees, 6 doctoral programs. The ISAE-SUPAERO learning community consists of more than 100 full-time professors and researchers and 1,700 students and doctoral students; it also relies on 1,800 lecturers from the professional world. More than 30% of its 650 annual graduates are international students. Its alumni network has more than 21,500 alumni on all continents.


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