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A Third of European Senior AI Professionals Don’t Believe That C-Suite Leaders Understand the Risks and Benefits of AI

Dataiku and Databricks survey reveals that just under half of European Senior AI professionals feel AI requires more official regulation

LONDON & PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Dataiku, the platform for Everyday AI, together with Databricks, today revealed the findings from a survey of global senior AI professionals at large enterprises throughout Europe. The respondents1 answered questions on Generative AI, spend on AI tools and ROI, AI use case reach, and more.

While the global survey of 400 respondents revealed broad enthusiasm and action around Generative AI, the European results showed that European senior AI professionals are more likely to see Generative AI as a revolution that will change the way we work (29%), compared to the U.S. (23%). European data leaders are more likely to have clear processes for delivering AI projects and putting them into production (57%), compared to the U.S. (43%).

However, European respondents also feel current AI regulation is not sufficient, with just under half agreeing that AI requires more regulation, and a third answering that they do not believe that organizational leaders (i.e., C-Suite) understand the risks and benefits of AI.

“We believe an ongoing dialogue and collaboration in AI is needed, and these findings show that data leaders across Europe and the U.K. are not insensitive to the potential downsides of this technology,” said Shaun McGirr, Field Chief Data Officer at Dataiku. “Together, we need to increase public awareness about the potential impact of AI on society and future generations. Now is the time to have an honest conversation about how we want this technology to be used.”

The European results form part of a larger global survey of data leaders across a range of enterprises and industries, which was run in June 2023 to explore AI adoption and perceptions. Respondents were closely divided on AI maturity, with nearly half (48%) reporting that they are embedding or expanding data science and AI, while 51% are still experimenting or establishing AI. However, tracking value trailed deployments, with nearly two in five (37%) data leaders accounting for the value of data science and AI initiatives with consistent frameworks, or accounting for AI on the balance sheet like other strategic initiatives. Fifty five percent have an inconsistent tracking system or only record results anecdotally.

“These findings demonstrate the significant interest in generative AI but also the accompanying challenges, from data access and privacy to regulation,” said Prem Prakash, Head of AI Marketing at Databricks. “As we navigate these challenges, our shared mission with Dataiku stands firm: to democratize data and AI, enabling every organization to build their generative AI solutions securely and cost-effectively.”

Dataiku was named Databricks 2023 AI Partner of the Year at the Data + AI Summit in San Francisco last month for its collaborative technology which makes it easy for customers to deploy Generative AI to turn data into powerful business results. Get started with Databricks and Dataiku and read how you can Have your Cake and Eat It Too With Dataiku and Databricks.


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1 Respondents are manager level or higher, come from the U.S., EMEA, and APAC, and work at organizations with >$3 billion in annual revenue. See https://pages.dataiku.com/dataiku-databricks-ai-survey page 26 “About the Survey” for additional details about respondents and methodology.



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