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Appointment: Gabrielle Petillon becomes the Adelaïde Group’s Director of Legal and Compliance

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The insurance brokerage group, which is comprised of the Verlingue, Génération and Cocoon companies, has announced the appointment of Gabrielle Petillon to the position of the Adelaïde Group’s Director of Legal and Compliance. As such, she joins the Executive Committee of Verlingue and Génération, and the Management Committee of Cocoon.

Gabrielle Petillon, who had been Head of Legal and Compliance within the Diot-Siaci Group since 2016, is joining the Adelaïde Group from 3 July 2023. Equipped with an extensive knowledge of insurance and a very detailed knowledge of the market, Gabrielle Petillon will be tasked primarily with spearheading the group’s legal expertise in France and abroad. She will also manage the action plans to be implemented in order to meet the requirements and address the changes in compliance.

A graduate in Law, Gabrielle Petillon has also worked as a legal expert specialised in personal and property insurance for MFP Services. In 2005, she subsequently joined Les Assurances Saint-Honoré (Diot-Siaci Group), where she held various functions, including leadership of the “liberal professions” Compensation department.

Within the Adelaïde Group, she will also take on the functions of Data Protection Officer (DPO) against a backdrop of increasingly stringent obligations regarding the processing of personal data, and on an insurance market where data is a strategic asset.

Moreover, given that the Adelaïde Group has undertaken six external growth operations over the past six years, her expertise and guidance will be invaluable in relation to future mergers and acquisitions.

As a specialist in business law, insurance law and social protection law, Gabrielle Petillon will fulfil an over-arching role working with all of the group’s entities, and will supervise all contract negotiations with partner insurance companies and brokers.

“Gabrielle Petillon’s career track and expertise are invaluable for our group, whose core business is risk management. As compliance requirements continue to proliferate, Gabrielle’s recruitment reflects our intention to ensure the smooth growth and consolidation of our operations. She is also further proof of the Adelaïde Group’s attractiveness and our ambition to build an international and innovative group,” says Gilles Bénéplanc.

About the Adelaïde Group

The Adelaïde Group specialises in insurance advisory services, brokerage, distribution and management, designed to enable its customers to do business grounded on solid risk management and by helping them to protect their business operations and their employees. For over 85 years, the Group has constantly done business, grown and reinvented itself to become one of the leading names in insurance brokerage in France, with three successful companies: Verlingue, Génération and Cocoon. To achieve its goal of building a major insurance-brokerage group with a European reach, while remaining an independent, family-run concern, the Group has set itself four priorities: organic growth and strategic acquisitions, international expansion and digital transformation.

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