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Unitedprint.com SE: “Paper and Plates from Printers for Printers”

With prices that are up to 50% lower and unlimited availability of high-quality paper and premium printing plates, Unitedprint gives printers from all over Europe competitive, market-driven access to their key materials.

RADEBEUL, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– While European paper and plate manufacturers are reporting record profits, printers are facing substantial material shortages combined with huge price increases for their key raw materials of paper and plates. As a result, their performance is being seriously constrained by significantly higher sourcing requirements, reduced product offerings and severe distortions in both buying and selling prices. This comes with all the associated organisational complications and, finally, a stressful situation in relation to their customers. And all this at a time when competition between digital and haptic communication has never been greater.

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Unitedprint.com SE International Headquarters (Photo: Business Wire)

Unitedprint.com SE International Headquarters (Photo: Business Wire)

As a “first mover” and a European market leader in the online printing industry, Unitedprint offers a way out of this avoidable development. Unitedprint’s new service offers printers attractive access to high-quality papers and printing plates. The range includes coated and uncoated paper in sheet and roll form as well as high-quality printing plates. Printers benefit from purchase prices that are up to 50% below the current market price. Unitedprint thus decouples the European printing industry’s increasing dependency on only a few European manufacturers and traders with their well-known market power and in this way ensures the unrestricted access of printing companies to paper and plates at a fair price.

All papers offered by Unitedprint are 100% PEFC certified and suitable for digital and offset printing. In addition, all printing plates on offer guarantee simple, stable and eco-friendly production. Unitedprint guarantees the absolutely professional and proven material quality of all of its papers and plates sold as well as 100% reliable delivery to printers. Interested printers can now request samples and can very easily carry out material tests without any obligations. Qualified contact persons at Unitedprint and a large number of reference customers are available at all times to answer any questions or requests from interested printers.

“With our new ‘Paper and Plates from Printers for Printers’ service, we offer printers a unique opportunity to source high-quality paper and printing plates under extremely favourable conditions. Procurement structures for paper and plates that have been known to all market participants for a long time – and which, due to a lack of alternatives, are only tolerated by necessity – are increasingly being perceived by many printers as an extremely burdensome and existentially limiting factor for their business development. Our new service offers an attractive alternative for printers to make themselves less dependent on these critical developments and improve their competitiveness significantly.” 

Frank Winkler, Chief Production Officer of Unitedprint.com SE.

Interested parties can contact Unitedprint now using the online form: https://unitedprint.info/en/consumables/

Unitedprint.com SE is an innovative European e-commerce technology company operating globally in the fields of design, marketing, print, and publishing. As one of the world’s leading companies for visual communication, Unitedprint.com SE employs around 300 people globally and operates the online portals Easyprint, print24, and the USS (Unitedprint Shop Services) partner programme at over 30 locations worldwide. In addition to online mass customisation services, Unitedprint.com SE offers its customers modern digital products as well as professional services and print products in the fields of photography, interiors, hospitality, textiles, large-format printing, events, advertising materials, advertising technology, and much more.

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