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J&J Green Paper and Sintesa Group Forge Strategic Partnership to Produce Eco-Friendly Paper Coating and Combat Global Plastic Waste

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– J&J Green Paper, Inc. (JJGP), a Delaware USA corporation, announced a strategic, global partnership with Sintesa Group, a leading Indonesian strategic investment company with a legacy spanning over a century, committed to advancing sustainable growth through impact investments.

The joint venture will leverage the patented technology of JJGP and the unparalleled leadership of the Sintesa Group to build worldwide production capacity for JANUS®, an eco-friendly coating for paper packaging developed by JJGP that replaces polyethylene and its related environmental hazards.

JANUS is an all-natural moisture-proof coating used for paper packaging. Its recyclable, compostable, and repulpable technology can replace the polyethylene currently used in traditional paper products – a significant contributor to the global waste disposal issue and environmental detriment. JANUS is a biodegradable compound with a sustainable food value chain approach and various applications and advantages that align with Sintesa’s philosophy.

“Sintesa’s commitment to fostering sustainable growth that can benefit people and the planet perfectly aligns with our vision,” says Rick Bulman, President of JJGP. “We are excited and ready to create tangible positive social changes in Indonesia and globally by promoting a novel solution to manage the environmental hazards of polyethylene.”

Started as a family business that aspires to maintain its resilience in an ever-changing dynamic, Sintesa Group puts sustainability as a strategic imperative that guides its business transformation. Under the leadership of fourth-generation family member Abyasa Kamdani, Sintesa ensures its future investment is aligned with the company as it pursues its vision of becoming a Sustainable Excellence Company.

“We strive to work with forward-thinking partners that can help with viable solutions to create a more sustainable business landscape and, eventually, world,” says Kamdani, Sintesa’s Head of Business Development. “Through innovative high technology, creating a better future by striving for the balance of economics, social and environmental good is within our grasp. Together with JJGP, we will contribute to the green economy of the ASEAN countries by producing a revolutionary product while helping to support agriculture, manage environmental hazards and create greener jobs through strategic yet responsible investments.”

Bulman acknowledged this effort, noting that the sustainable technology introduced in Indonesia is anticipated to drive development initiatives across the ASEAN region in the years ahead. He added that JJGP would soon unveil further advisory partnerships on a global scale aimed at supporting their objectives in the US, Asia, and other regions.

“JANUS’ versatility will lead to a long list of products that will no longer sit in landfills for centuries,” says Bulman. “That has always been our goal, and we are confident this venture will make a dramatic environmental impact sooner than consumers think.”

About Sintesa Group:

Sintesa Group is a leading Indonesian strategic investment company committed to sustainable excellence. Starting as a family business in 1919, Sintesa Group (PT Widjajatunggal Sejahtera) has transformed into a professional holding company that focuses on building new business as well as developing new strategy partnerships with potential business players. Under 4 main business pillars, namely Property, Consumer Products, Industrial Products, and Energy, Sintesa Group manages more than 15 subsidiaries, with two of them being publicly listed companies registered at the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Sintesa Group incorporate SDGs into its business model and responsible business practice by developing its very own SDGs Roadmap: Sintesa for the Earth, in pursuing the achievement of its vision to become a Sustainable Excellence Company.


About J&J Green Paper

J&J Green Paper, Inc. is a Delaware USA corporation that has developed a breakthrough all-natural patented compound and process to moisture-proof paper that not only eliminates the petrochemicals found in standard paper and paper packaging that, upon decay, create greenhouse gases but that meets stringent EU community and nation-state standards eliminating single-use plastics. For more information, visit www.jjgreenpaper.com.


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