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DNP ontwikkelt vel van recyclebaar papier met hoge barrière van monomateriaal voor verpakking en andere industriële toepassingen

– Zal recyclebaar monomateriaal met barrièrefuncties inzetten op binnenlandse en buitenlandse markten –

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) (TOKYO:7912) heeft een eenvoudig te recyclen, milieuvriendelijk, milieuvriendelijk verpakkingsvel uit één stuk papier met hoge barrière-eigenschappen ontwikkeld. Het nieuwe product wordt geïntroduceerd op TOKYO PACK 2022, dat van 12 tot 14 oktober 2022 wordt gehouden in Tokyo Big Sight.


De inspanningen op het gebied van decarbonisatie en ESG-investeringen nemen toe, en verpakkingsleveranciers richten zich op het verminderen van hun impact op het milieu door plantaardige, biologisch afbreekbare plastic producten te ontwikkelen. DNP biedt milieuvriendelijke verpakkingen*1, inclusief zeer recyclebare monomaterialen, en door papier te gebruiken in plaats van van aardolie afgeleide plastic folie, zal het nieuwe product de CO2-uitstoot verminderen en bijdragen aan de realisatie van een op recycling gerichte samenleving.

DNP Develops Recyclable Paper High Barrier Mono-material Sheet for Packaging, as well as other Industrial Applications

– Will deploy recycle-ready mono-material with barrier functions in domestic and overseas markets –

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) (TOKYO:7912) has developed an easy to recycle paper monomaterial eco-friendly packaging sheet with high barrier properties. The new product will be introduced at TOKYO PACK 2022 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 12 to 14, 2022.

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Packaging utilizing high barrier paper mono-material sheet (Photo: Business Wire)

Packaging utilizing high barrier paper mono-material sheet (Photo: Business Wire)


Decarbonization efforts and ESG investment are accelerating, and packaging suppliers are focused on reducing their environmental impact by developing plant-derived, bio-degradable plastic products. DNP offers Eco-Friendly Packaging*1, including highly recyclable mono-materials, and by using paper instead of petroleum-derived plastic film, the new product will reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.


  • Achieving high barrier properties in paper

    DNP has been leveraging its proprietary converting technology*2 to integrate barrier properties in paper materials. Special paper is not necessary and general craft paper can be used. We have also improved resistance to bending and minimized the impairment of barrier properties following bending.

  • Improving recyclability and conductivity

    No metal materials are used in the high barrier coating layer, which is composed of paper mono-material that enhances recyclability. This high barrier paper consists of a thin layer of transparent material that does not affect the transmission of radio waves, and can be used with RFID applications.

  • Its heat-sealability will be useful for packaging applications

    The new product also maintains a heat-seal layer that can be sealed by heat welding.

Going forward

We aim to commercialize the monomaterial sheet for packaging materials used with food, cosmetics, and medical products, and expand our line-up of enhanced barrier properties.

*For further information; https://www.dnp.co.jp/eng/news/detail/20167616_2453.html

1: Eco-Friendly Packaging; https://www.dnp.co.jp/eng/biz/solution/products/materials_package.html

2: Converting technology is a processing technology that transforms and combines materials.

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