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Alinto, de Europese aanbieder van e-maildiensten en beveiligingsoplossingen, investeert in opensource door de SOGo-webmail over te nemen

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PARIJS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Alinto, de Europese leverancier van e-maildiensten en beveiligingsoplossingen, wordt de referentie voor SOGo, de opensource-webmail. Vanaf mei 2022 levert de redacteur zowel supportservice als cloud hosting van de opensource webmail SOGo. Gemaakt in 1998 door een Duits bedrijf, vervolgens overgenomen in 2009 door Inverse Inc (Montreal) en ondersteund door een gemeenschap van 1.450 mensen wereldwijd, heeft de software nu meer dan 25.000 implementaties.

Naast de webmail biedt Alinto een complete oplossing met een administratie tool die werd verwacht door klanten die gehecht waren aan opensource-oplossingen zoals de editor van het samenwerkingsplatform Jamespot.

Alinto, The European provider of email services and security solutions invests in opensource by taking over the SOGo webmail

Email security | Webmail | opensource

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Alinto, the European provider of email services and security solutions, becomes the reference for SOGo, the opensource webmail. As of May 2022, the editor provides both support service & cloud hosting of the opensource webmail SOGo. Created in 1998 by a German company, then taken over in 2009 by Inverse Inc (Montreal) and supported by a community of 1,450 people worldwide, the software now has more than 25,000 deployments.

In addition to the webmail, Alinto offers a complete solution with an administration tool that was expected by customers attached to opensource solutions such as the editor of the collaborative platform Jamespot.

A sovereign alternative to GAFAM messaging companies

For several years, Alinto has been consolidating its position as an international player in secure professional messaging. The involvement in the SOGo webmail confirms Alinto’s ambition to offer its customers a European, opensource and sovereign alternative to GAFAM.

The opensource is an additional argument that convinced the editor to carry the project. Indeed, Alinto has always wanted to develop an opensource solution. This opportunity is the occasion to launch a solution that benefits from a large community and active contributors, as well as years of experience guaranteeing its reliability.

For the Alinto teams, opensource grants customers the choice of digital sovereignty and the willingness to offer them a serious alternative to GAFAM.

Many Alinto customers have already chosen SOGo (international operators, local authorities, private sector companies…).

SOGo @ Alinto: professional support and services

Eager to propose exhaustive and opensource solutions, Alinto joins the SOGo community to propose a supported, complete, powerful and scalable webmail solution.

The SOGo webmail is above all an interface, which requires an integration carried out by specialists. It is these additional services that Alinto offers from May 2022. At the end, two products are available:

  • SOGo webmail: free download of version 5 of SOGo, Maintenance integration and development in Option with a commercial offer.
  • SOGomail by Alinto: secured mail server for professional organisations looking for a recognized European alternative

“In our opinion, opensource is essential to give users the freedom of choice. It is an important element for diversity and for us it is a way to offer companies alternatives to the messaging tools of the American cloud players“, explains Philippe Gilbert, CEO of Alinto.



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