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JSR Life Sciences lanceert ‘Similis Bio’ om partners te helpen de ontwikkeling van biosimilars te versnellen

Nieuw gelanceerde business line maakt gebruik van de gecombineerde ervaring en technische kennis van leiders op het gebied van analytische, cellijn- en procesontwikkeling om de initiële tijd en resourcekosten voor biosimilar-ontwikkelaars te verminderen

SUNNYVALE, Californië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– JSR Life Sciences, LLC (JSR) heeft vandaag de lancering aangekondigd van een nieuwe bedrijfsdivisie, Similis Bio (Similis), die een partnerprogramma zal uitvoeren dat is ontworpen om biofarmaceutische bedrijven te helpen de efficiëntie en kosten te verbeteren van de ontwikkeling van biosimilars. Similis zal vertrouwen op kernexpertise in het ontwikkelen en produceren van biologische geneesmiddelen om de uitdagingen die inherent zijn aan de ontwikkeling van biosimilars te verminderen.

JSR Life Sciences Launches ‘Similis Bio’ to Help Partners Accelerate Biosimilar Development

Newly launched business line leverages the combined experience and technical knowledge of leaders in analytical, cell-line, and process development to reduce up-front time and resource costs for biosimilar developers

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– JSR Life Sciences, LLC (JSR) today announced the launch of a new business division, Similis Bio (Similis), which will operate a partnering program designed to help biopharmaceutical companies improve the efficiency and cost of biosimilar development. Similis will rely on core expertise in developing and manufacturing biologics to mitigate the challenges inherent in biosimilar drug development.

Similis provides biosimilar drug developers with solutions designed to accelerate development timelines and lower costs. By offering complete analytical and process development packages, Similis supplies companies with data to determine an appropriate biosimilar target, accelerate early program development, and reduce analytical costs. Data packages include reference product data, analytical procedures, process expertise, and CMC templates from a centralized model designed to give partners access to higher quality biosimilar packages at a lower cost than other development models.

Additionally, Similis will establish co-development agreements with partner companies to start the development of multiple biosimilar programs in parallel, giving partners an exclusive right, but not an obligation, to purchase multiple programs. JSR designed this collaboration model to reduce the risk from program cancellations and extend market analysis timelines.

“This model will enable changes in strategy far beyond traditional drug development approaches by centralizing reference product data and expertise under one roof,” said JSR Life Sciences’ Chief Technology Officer Jean-Pierre Wery. “Similis brings the broad expertise of JSR Life Sciences companies together to jump-start the development of promising biosimilars. By improving timelines and development costs for drug makers, more biosimilars can be brought to market faster. Ultimately, that means more choice and lower costs for patients.”

Biosimilars—the generic form of FDA-approved biologics—are derived from living organisms, making them inherently complex. Unlike small-molecule generic drugs, biosimilars cannot fully replicate their brand-name counterparts, so an array of analytical data must be collected to ensure they sufficiently reflect biosimilarity to the FDA-approved reference products to which they are being compared. This process requires costly and significant investment in expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and extensive data gathering, including rigorous clinical trials to ensure a biosimilar’s safety and efficacy. JSR launched Similis Bio to mitigate these barriers to market entry and promote more productive development programs.

For more information about Similis Bio visit: JSRLifeSciences.com/similis.

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