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Esmarks tweede donatie van $ 25.000 om Oekraïense vluchtelingen te helpen die naar Slowakije vluchten, brengt de totale bijdrage op $ 50.000; Bedrijf krijgt bijna $ 12.000 aan extra ondersteuning

SEWICKLEY, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Esmark Inc. heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat voorzitter en CEO James P. Bouchard en oude vriend Martina Roda een tweede donatie van $ 25.000 USD hebben gedaan om Oekraïners te helpen en te ondersteunen die hun toevlucht zoeken in Košice, Slowakije. Dit is de tweede donatie van het bedrijf aan de stad Košice, een stad onder leiding van burgemeester Ing. Jaroslav Polaček, om Oekraïners te helpen vluchten naar Slowakije.

Volgens een geverifieerd operationeel dataportaal zijn op 5 april meer dan 302.700 Oekraïense vluchtelingen Slowakije binnengekomen.

De donaties van het bedrijf aan de hulpverlening bedragen nu in totaal $ 50.000 USD. In maart kondigde Esmark een eerste donatie van $ 25.000 USD aan en bood – in een poging om anderen te mobiliseren om te helpen – aan om donaties te verdubbelen tot een extra $ 25.000 USD. Tot op heden werd Esmark rechtstreeks op de hoogte gebracht van bijna $ 12.000 USD aan donaties die door Amerikanen waren gedaan om Oekraïense vluchtelingen te ondersteunen.

Esmark’s Second Donation of $25,000 to Aid Ukrainian Refugees Fleeing to Slovakia Brings Contribution Total to $50,000; Company Rallies Nearly $12,000 in Additional Support

SEWICKLEY, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Esmark Inc. today announced that Chairman & CEO James P. Bouchard and long-time friend Martina Roda have made a second donation of $25,000 USD to aid and support Ukrainians seeking refuge in Košice, Slovakia. This is the Company’s second donation to City of Košice, a city led by Mayor Ing. Jaroslav Polaček, to aid Ukrainians fleeing to Slovakia.

As of April 5, more than 302,700 Ukrainian refugees have entered Slovakia, according to a verified operational data portal.

The Company’s donations to the relief efforts now total $50,000 USD. In March, Esmark announced an initial donation of $25,000 USD and—in an effort to mobilize others to help—offered to match donations up to an additional $25,000 USD. To date, Esmark was directly notified of nearly $12,000 USD in donations made by Americans to support Ukrainian refugees.

Bouchard is a former U.S. Steel executive vice president and statutory representative of the Slovak Republic, transforming East Slovakian Ironworks, Košice–now known as U.S. Steel Košice–in Slovakia after U.S. Steel acquired it. Bouchard and Roda’s donations totaling $50,000 were made on behalf of the former U.S. Steel American and Slovak Commercial teams.

“While we are proud and grateful for the nearly $12,000 in donations made by Esmark friends, we couldn’t wait another moment to provide additional monetary support to the city Košice,” said Bouchard. “We are working directly with the Mayor’s office which ensures our funds are delivered immediately, enabling them to take swift action and help these refugees with humanitarian support.”

The funds from the initial donation were used to:

– Rent an agency as organizational and technical support in the center for Ukrainian refugees;

– Provide provisions and organization of Slovakian volunteers; and

– Coordinate temporary accommodation and provide provisions to Ukrainian refugees.

“The initial $25,000 from Jim and Martina enabled us to mobilize and organize more quickly,” said Košice City Mayor Ing. Jaroslav Polaček. “We are very grateful for the additional $25,000 of support, which we will focus mainly on providing transportation, accommodation and food especially for families with young children. “

“We cannot standby as we hear the first-hand accounts from our friends on the ground in Slovakia and continue to watch these events unfold on the news,” said Roda. ”We commend the Mayor, volunteers and all people of Košice who are providing much needed humanitarian support to their Ukrainian neighbors.”

Esmark and Bouchard have a history of and commitment to helping others in need. Over the last 15 years, more than $10 million has been donated to humanitarian relief and children’s charities.

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