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Xylem’s nieuwe slimme afvalwaterzuiveringsoplossing verlaagt de bedrijfskosten en vermindert het energieverbruik met 25%

Baanbrekende digitale innovatie biedt afvalwaterbeheerders realtime procesaanbevelingen om het gebruik van chemicaliën en beluchting te optimaliseren

STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Afvalwaterbedrijven kunnen nu voldoen aan de nalevingsdoelstellingen en het energieverbruik voor beluchting tot 25% verminderen met Xylem Edge Control. Deze kant-en-klare reeks digitale oplossingen voor conventionele actiefslibinstallaties (CAS) markeert de nieuwste doorbraak in de digitalisering van waterbedrijven. Met Xylem Edge Control kunnen afvalwaterbeheerders nu hun bedrijfsmiddelen controleren en bewaken, de verwijdering van nutriënten verbeteren, energie besparen en kosten verlagen.

“Afvalwaterbedrijven balanceren voortdurend tussen de noodzaak om de betrouwbaarheid van de dienstverlening en de naleving te garanderen met de noodzaak om de kosten te beheersen”, zegt Chris Taylor, Global Product Manager bij Xylem. “Xylem Edge Control helpt afvalwaterbedrijven met vertrouwen die lijn te bewandelen, door onze expertise op het gebied van digitale innovatie en inzichten uit onze diepgaande bioprocessing-ervaring samen te brengen in een reeks oplossingen die de procescontrole maximaliseren en tegelijkertijd het energieverbruik drastisch verminderen en duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen ondersteunen.”

Xylem’s New Smart Wastewater Treatment Solution Cuts Operating Costs and Reduces Energy Use by 25%

Breakthrough Digital Innovation Provides Wastewater Operators Real-Time Process Recommendations to Optimize Chemical Usage and Aeration

STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Wastewater utilities can now achieve compliance targets while cutting energy consumption from aeration by up to 25% with Xylem Edge Control. This off-the-shelf suite of digital solutions for conventional activated sludge (CAS) plants marks the latest breakthrough in the digitization of water utilities. With Xylem Edge Control, wastewater operators can now control and monitor their assets, improve nutrient removal, save energy and reduce costs.

“Wastewater utilities are constantly balancing the need to ensure service reliability and compliance alongside the need to manage costs,” said Chris Taylor, Global Product Manager at Xylem. “Xylem Edge Control helps wastewater utilities confidently walk that line, bringing together our digital innovation expertise and insights from our deep bioprocessing experience, in a suite of solutions that maximizes process control while dramatically cutting energy consumption and supporting sustainability goals.”

“Utilities around the world are well on the way to digitizing their networks and reaping major water, energy and cost efficiencies. Xylem Edge Control is a versatile, multi-functional solution that meets wastewater utilities where they are on that journey – and sets them up to unlock more of the benefits of digital transformation.”

The Edge Control solutions apply analytics to real-time data to provide rapid process recommendations to optimize chemical usage and aeration. As utilities target emissions reductions, Edge Control is the latest high-efficiency technology that can help utilities cut energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and make fast progress towards achieving net-zero targets. The platform can operate with any Programmable Logic Controller under various communications protocols and connect to existing hardware, including sensors and probes.

Xylem Edge Control combines four solutions:

  1. Xylem Edge Control Pulsed Aeration: A digital, energy saving solution that can prevent over-aeration of underloaded treatment plants. Pulsed Aeration improves the overall biological process of CAS plants, to provide adequate mixing and ultimately achieving energy savings. Research and implementation of Pulsed Aeration has shown energy savings of approximately 25% can be achieved.
  2. Xylem Edge Control Ammonia Removal: Xylem Edge Control Ammonia Removal determines a CAS facility’s ammonia target and helps meet its nutrient discharge limits while working to maximize energy savings. It uses an advanced algorithm to match various load conditions, that can provide consistent ammonia removal and further stabilize the biological process.
  3. Xylem Edge Control Ammonia + Nitrogen Removal: The solution offers wastewater utilities the potential to save energy while reducing nitrate and ammonia concentrations. It uses an advanced algorithm which communicates with CAS facilities’ existing assets to optimize the achievement of nutrient compliance targets. Its patented, one-of-a-kind, AvN® wastewater treatment process1 has the ability to create a biological environment unlike anything the wastewater treatment industry has seen with its capacity to create a Nitrite shunt. This can allow for an expedited denitrification process and ultimately, increased energy savings. Research and implementation of Ammonia + Nitrogen Removal has shown energy savings of approximately 25% in addition to a reduction in Total Inorganic Nitrogen (TIN) concentration of approximately 30%.
  4. Xylem Edge Control P – Removal: This solution controls chemical feed pumps based on real-time phosphorus concentrations to reduce chemical usage while meeting today’s stricter phosphorus limits.

The launch of Xylem Edge Control follows rigorous field testing across North America, including Washington and Indiana, including the wastewater treatment operations serving the city of Muncie, Indiana.

“With Muncie being the home to Ball State University, the city undergoes a major swing in population from around 70,000 people while school is in session to approximately 48,000 when school is out of session,” said Jason Ingram, Plant Superintendent at Muncie Wastewater Treatment Plant in Muncie, IN, where Xylem Edge Control Pulsed Aeration has been installed. “That’s a decrease in population of over 30%. It is during these months of decreased load where we benefit from Pulsed Aeration most. With our upgrades from Xylem’s Pulsed Aeration we are able to save $5,000 a month on energy costs.”

Global water utilities account for approximately 2% of global GHG emissions – the equivalent of the world’s shipping industry. However, innovative solutions like Edge Control can help mitigate a substantial portion of the emissions generated by inefficient wastewater operations, quickly and affordably. Furthermore, by deploying readily available advanced solutions, utilities could cut the water industry’s GHG emissions by 50% across both clean water and wastewater activities.

Xylem Edge Control can be used as a stand-alone process or as a connected, subscription-based enterprise with fees based on efficiency and savings. When connected via the Cloud, Xylem Edge Control provides data visualization, allowing the customer to see the energy savings on a monthly basis; real-time data trending reports, showing details such as ammonia and TIN concentrations and alert and alarm texts/email notifications, displaying instrumentation and software status.

Xylem Edge Control Pulsed Aeration, Xylem Edge Control Ammonia Removal and Xylem Edge Control Ammonia + Nitrogen Removal are now available for purchase globally. Xylem Edge Control P – Removal will be available to customers globally later this year.

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1 AvN® is a trademark of World Water Works, Inc.



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