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Cyara Accelerator nu beschikbaar op Genesys AppFoundry

Het platform van de toonaangevende CX-verzekeringsprovider combineert met het Genesys Customer Experience Platform om de time-to-value voor Genesys Cloud CX-klanten te verkorten

REDWOOD CITY, Californië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Cyara, leverancier van het bekroonde geautomatiseerde customer experience (CX) assurance-platform, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat de Cyara Accelerator nu beschikbaar is op Genesys AppFoundry, de grootste toegewijde marktplaats in de branche gericht op oplossingen voor klantervaringen . Met de AppFoundry kunnen Genesys-klanten uit alle marktsegmenten een breed scala aan oplossingen ontdekken en snel implementeren die het gemakkelijker maken om met consumenten om te gaan, werknemers te betrekken en hun personeelsbestand te optimaliseren.

Cyara Accelerator Now Available on Genesys AppFoundry

Leading CX assurance provider’s platform combines with Genesys Customer Experience Platform to reduce time to value for Genesys Cloud CX customers

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Cyara, provider of the award-winning automated customer experience (CX) assurance platform, today announced its Cyara Accelerator is now available on Genesys AppFoundry, the industry’s largest dedicated marketplace focused on customer experience solutions. The AppFoundry allows Genesys customers from all market segments to discover and rapidly deploy a broad range of solutions that make it easier to interact with consumers, engage employees and optimize their workforce.

Cyara makes it easy for Genesys customers to achieve flawless customer experiences through automated testing and monitoring that simulate real world customer interactions across interactive voice response (IVR), voice and digital channels. The company’s solution helps to accelerate cloud migration, improves quality throughout the development cycle and builds confidence that the new contact center is working as designed.

“With automated CX testing and assurance, enterprise IT teams can make sure the customer’s quality of experience is maintained throughout the entire cloud migration process and any software updates that come afterward,” said James Isaacs, president of Cyara. “Cyara’s focus is to provide customers and partners with a stellar product to help them achieve better CX and improve customer satisfaction.”

With Cyara Accelerator, Genesys Cloud CX™ customers can accelerate their cloud deployments and ensure improved outcomes. Meanwhile, Cyara ensures the continuous delivery of quality contact center experiences with its automated CX monitoring and testing capabilities. Cyara also presents real-time results in an easy to navigate dashboard so IT teams can pinpoint exactly where contact center customers are experiencing technical issues.

Cyara’s integration/application is now available with Genesys Cloud CX, an all-in-one solution and the world’s leading public cloud contact center platform that helps organizations provide better experiences to their customers and employees. With its robust feature set and open application programming interfaces (APIs), Genesys Cloud CX is flexible, scalable and built for rapid innovation.

As a Premium App on the Genesys AppFoundry, Genesys customers have the benefit of having their Cyara Accelerator subscription included on their Genesys invoice thereby simplifying vendor management.

To learn more about the specific features and benefits of Cyara’s Genesys Cloud integration, visit appfoundry.genesys.com/filter/genesyscloud/listing/3ec01fed-72d1-4f31-98c5-ac3f8c34af55.

About Cyara

As the world’s leading Automated CX Assurance platform provider, Cyara accelerates the delivery of flawless customer journeys across digital and voice channels while reducing the risk of customer-facing defects. Every day, the most recognizable brands in the world trust the Cyara Platform to deliver customer smiles at scale. For more information, please visit cyara.com.


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