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European DataWarehouse aangewezen als Securitization Repository door de Financial Conduct Authority

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– European DataWarehouse Ltd. (EDW) heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het door de Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is aangewezen als een Securitization Repository.

Na een uitgebreid aanvraagproces zal de registratie van de eerste UK Securitization Repositories vanaf 17 januari 2022 van kracht worden en de laatste leemte in het openbaarmakingsregime opvullen.

European DataWarehouse Ltd., een dochteronderneming van European DataWarehouse GmbH, werd opgericht in november 2018 en diende in december 2020 haar aanvraag in om te worden geregistreerd als UK Securitization Repository.

De beslissing, samen met de registratie in juni 2021 als EU Securitisation Repository onder de European Securities en Markets Authority (ESMA), consolideert de tien jaar durende rol van EDW als de eerste Europese databank voor de door activa gedekte effectenmarkt.

European DataWarehouse designated as a Securitisation Repository by the Financial Conduct Authority

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– European DataWarehouse Ltd. (EDW) today announced it has been designated as a Securitisation Repository by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Following an extensive application process, the registration of the first UK Securitisation Repositories will become effective from 17 January 2022 and closes the final gap in the disclosure regime.

European DataWarehouse Ltd., a subsidiary of European DataWarehouse GmbH, was established in November 2018 and in December 2020 submitted its application to be registered as a UK Securitisation Repository.

The decision, along with its registration in June 2021 as an EU Securitisation Repository under the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), consolidates EDW’s decade-long role as the first European-wide data repository for the asset-backed securities market.

Since 2012, EDW has worked tirelessly towards enhancing transparency in the securitisation market and delivering market-leading regulatory reporting solutions.

Prof. José Manuel González-Páramo, Chairman of European DataWarehouse stated: “European DataWarehouse has been serving UK issuers for almost a decade. The registration of EDW as a Securitisation Repository in the UK will close the regulatory gap between the EU and this important market.”

Alexandre Linden, Co-Head Portfolio Management, BNP Paribas said: “For almost ten years UK issuers have benefitted from the experience of European DataWarehouse as well as its focus on superior data quality and client service. Following its registration in the EU in June 2021, it is reassuring that EDW will also be registered as a Securitisation Repository in the UK to continue serving its UK customers.”

EDW Executive Director, Markus Schaber stated: “I am pleased that our commitment to the UK securitisation market has been recognised and, with our registration as a Securitisation Repository, we now enter a new market phase. The UK market, as the largest in Europe, can continue to rely on EDW’s expertise in providing efficient transparency solutions. We look forward to working with our UK customers on market-leading reporting solutions.”

EDW was established as part of the implementation of the European Central Bank’s ABS loan-level initiative. Since its inception as an initiative by the leading participants of the European securitisation market, EDW has acted as a repository, collecting over 3 billion loan records and relevant documentation for more than 1,600 transactions. Its team of data experts supports over 280 data owners and data providers, communicating in over 15 languages.

About European DataWarehouse

European DataWarehouse (EDW) is a Securitisation Repository designated by both the European Securities and Markets Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. It was established in 2012 as the first Securitisation Repository in Europe to facilitate the collection, validation, and download of standardised loan-level data for Asset-Backed Securities and private whole loan portfolios.

EDW stores loan-level data and corresponding documentation for investors and other market participants. Operating as a market infrastructure, EDW aims to increase transparency and restore confidence in the ABS market. Through EDW’s data, users can analyse underlying portfolios in a more efficient way and compare portfolios on a systematic basis.

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