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2021 Wereldconferentie over wetenschappelijke geletterdheid in focus: Wetenschapsgeletterdheid voor een groene toekomst

BEIJING-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Op 30 november ging in Beijing de 2021 Wereldconferentie over wetenschappelijke geletterdheid (WCSL) van start. Met als thema “Wetenschapsgeletterdheid voor een groene toekomst, nodigde de conferentie geachte besluitvormers, topwetenschappers, gerenommeerde geleerden, evenals leiders en vertegenwoordigers van belangrijke wetenschappelijke en technologische organisaties (zoals de Organisatie van de Verenigde Naties voor Onderwijs, Wetenschap en Cultuur, de Internationale Wetenschapsraad, de Wereldfederatie van Ingenieursorganisaties, en de Wereldacademie van Wetenschappen voor de bevordering van wetenschap in ontwikkelingslanden) uit.

Dit persbericht bevat multimedia. Bekijk de volledige release hier: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211205005040/en/

2021 World Conference on Science Literacy in Focus: Science Literacy for a Green Future

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)– On November 30, the 2021 World Conference on Science Literacy (WCSL) kick started in Beijing. With the theme of “Science Literacy for a Green Future”, the conference invited esteemed decision-makers, top scientists, renowned scholars, as well as leaders and representatives from key scientific and technological organizations (such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, International Science Council, World Federation of Engineering Organizations, and The World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of science in developing countries).

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211205005040/en/

Improving public science literacy and promoting low-carbon green transformation are among the topics they discussed. Together, the attendees shared their ideas, results, and experience of using science for green development, as well as contributing to an effective communication and partnership mechanism for improving public science literacy globally.

The conference is sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). In his virtual remark, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of CAST Zhang Yuzhuo pointed out that green development is a revolution that changes the human perception of existing development concepts and models. Science and technology are the backbones of green development. The public’s environmental awareness and increased environmental protection capability are also the foundation of green development.

The attendees at the conference actively discussed and gave keynote speeches about science literacy and green development.

Ms. Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, shared the important resolutions of the COP26 meeting. She emphasized the importance of science literacy in green development for public policymaking and stressed the transformation of citizens’ conceptual behavior as a pivotal element to unleash the potential of the Paris Agreement.

Between December 1 to December 3, six Thematic Forums of WCSL 2021 were held in order. They are:

– Cultivate Young Talents for a Better Future

– A Road to Resilience and Inclusive Recovery: Working Together toward a Brighter Future

– Public Literacy on Science and Green Development

– Urban Health Development and Public Science Literacy

– Public Science Literacy Improvement and Scientific and Technological Innovation

– Equity in Global Public Science Literacy

In the context of global efforts to decarbonize all aspects of daily life and develop a green economy, professional forces represented by the WCSL will make an increasing contribution. This conference aims to be a global, comprehensive, and high-level exchange and cooperation platform for facilitating the improvement of public science literacy, effectively addressing global challenges related to science, technology, and social development, and promoting the sustainable development of humankind.

A series of video clips of the conference has been uploaded to YouTube. There are short videos of interviews with key guests to convey the spirit and highlights of the conference, as well as promote the importance of public science literacy and green development.

Other videos include a collection of the conference’s live recordings, key points of industry experts’ presentations, introductions of partnership projects, and glimpses into the award ceremony. These clips showcase the inspirational, far-reaching value of the conference and will facilitate the realization of the conference’s theme, “Science Literacy for a Green Future”.

You are welcome to watch the video series of the WCSL 2021; please click here to open YouTube.


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