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Consensus Cloud Solutions breidt aanbod uit om tegemoet te komen aan de groeiende behoefte aan veilige gegevensuitwisseling en interoperabiliteit oplossingen

Nieuwe naamloze vennootschap bevordert digitale communicatie om over te stappen van technologie voor documentuitwisseling naar intelligente gegevensoplossingen

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CCSI) (“Consensus”) begon meer dan 25 jaar geleden als een veilige oplossing voor digitale document overdracht en is uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevende wereldwijde digitale cloud faxtechnologie. Op 8 oktober 2021 begon Consensus Cloud Solutions openbaar te handelen als een onafhankelijk bedrijf dat zich richt op het bedienen van compliance- en data gestuurde organisaties in de gezondheidszorg, de financiële, productie- en juridische sector.

Consensus Cloud Solutions Expands Offering to Address the Growing Need for Secure Data Exchange and Interoperability Solutions

New Public Company Advances Digital Communication to Move from Document Exchange Technology to Intelligent Data Solutions

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CCSI) (“Consensus”) started as a secure digital document transmission solution more than 25 years ago and has grown to be a leading global digital cloud fax technology. On October 8, 2021, Consensus Cloud Solutions started publicly trading as an independent company focused on serving compliance and data-driven organizations in the healthcare, financial, manufacturing and legal industries.

The Consensus solution suite will do more than transport documents securely. In the Consensus workflow, the document is enhanced through application of advanced Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to transform unstructured documents to structured intelligent data – enabling the easy extraction of meaningful insights. This data exchange technology supports HL7/FHIR and direct message protocols and can be used to accelerate critical decision-making processes.

The direction of the new Consensus solution suite creates an opportunity to focus on the growing need for secure, intuitive ways to access, transform, enhance and exchange actionable data using innovative market-leading interoperability capabilities.

“The exciting aspect of Consensus existing as its own public company is that now we get to dictate the pace of innovation in bringing new products and services to market,” said Scott Turicchi, Chief Executive Officer of Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. “Our first obligation is to the healthcare market, assisting providers, payers and caregivers to improve communications. In addition, because we deal with regulated organizations, much of what we offer can apply to document-reliant industries such as legal, financial and manufacturing.”

The Consensus healthcare interoperability suite of secure solutions offers the following features:

  • A unified digital environment that optimizes workflows
  • Real-time health event notifications
  • On-demand patient query
  • Direct secure messaging
  • Universal APIs
  • Natural Language Processing/Artificial Intelligence
  • Electronic signature
  • eFax HITRUST CSF® Certified digital cloud faxing

About Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc.

Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CCSI) has been a global leader of digital cloud fax technology for over 25 years. The company leverages its technology heritage to provide secure solutions that transform simple digital documents into advanced healthcare standard HL7/FHIR for secure data exchange. Consensus offers eFax, a global leader in online faxing, Consensus Unite and Consensus Harmony interoperability solutions, Consensus Signal for secure automatic real-time healthcare communications, Consensus Clarity, an Optical Character recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, and jSign for electronic digital signatures. For more information about Consensus, visit consensus.com.


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