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Klanten kunnen nu toepassingen en integraties zoeken en ontdekken die de waarde van het Brightcove-platform vergroten

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Brightcove® Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV) heeft vandaag de lancering aangekondigd van Brightcove Marketplace™, de eerste plaats om integraties en toepassingen te zoeken en te ontdekken die de mogelijkheden en de waarde van het Brightcove-video communicatieplatform uitbreiden. De Brightcove Marketplace is de nieuwste release van het bedrijf waarmee Brightcove-klanten hun kijkers vlekkeloze video kunnen leveren, terwijl ze integraties bieden om video-assets te creëren, te gelde te maken en te analyseren.


Customers can now search and discover applications and integrations that extend the value of the Brightcove platform

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Brightcove® Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV) today announced the launch of Brightcove Marketplace™, the premiere place to search and discover integrations and applications that extend the capabilities and the value of the Brightcove video communications platform. The Brightcove Marketplace is the latest release from the company to enable Brightcove customers to deliver flawless video to their viewers, while offering integrations to help create, monetize and analyze video assets.

Video is the most engaging medium to deliver a message to any audience. Whether you are trying to reach employees, sports fans in another country or an ecommerce customer, finding a complete solution that can efficiently solve unique business challenges can be time-consuming, if not impossible. With the new Brightcove Marketplace customers can easily search for proven solutions created specifically to enhance the Brightcove platform.

Launching with over 40 technology integrations, by over dozens of technology partners, this ecosystem will continue to grow. Accessed directly from the Brightcove platform, customers can search for solutions by business challenge, category needs, application name or specific Brightcove products. Technology partners can apply to the Brightcove Marketplace by visiting developer.marketplace.brightcove.com.

inPlayer, one of the early listed technology partners on the Brightcove Marketplace, offers its pay-per-view capabilities to customers. “The Brightcove Marketplace makes it easy for anyone to find us and learn how they can get immediate ROI and scale fast with video monetization and subscriber management,” says George Meek, CEO at InPlayer. “Visitors have peace of mind that the solutions they discover will work seamlessly in Brightcove.”

Technology partner, 3Play Media added, “We want to meet organizations where they are, and so many are already working in Brightcove,” said Josh Miller, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, 3Play Media. “If a company needs to comply with accessibility laws or improve viewer engagement, they can find us in the Brightcove Marketplace and integrate directly with 3Play Media’s accessibility platform to add audio description, subtitles, and human-enabled captions for Live and VoD to their Brightcove videos.”

“With our open platform and APIs we are able to help companies execute on their strategies as efficiently as possible,” said Brightcove CEO Jeff Ray. “Through the Brightcove Marketplace, we guide customers to partners and integrations they can trust, solutions they can profit from, and people who will help them meet their goals.”

Brightcove Marketplace is open to anyone, visit: https://marketplace.brightcove.com

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