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Datalec Precision Installations (DPI) lanceert Intelligent Hands Managed Services voor datacenteractiviteiten

De verbeterde beheerde servicemogelijkheden van Datalec omvatten 24x7x365 ondersteuning voor in Europa gevestigde datacenterbeheerders

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), een leverancier van datacenterontwerp-, leverings-, bouw- en ondersteuningsdiensten van wereldklasse om naadloze, geïntegreerde en uniforme end-to-end-oplossingen voor datacenterbeheerders te leveren, kondigt aan dat de toevoeging van zijn Intelligent Hands Managed Services. De Intelligent Hands Managed Services van Datalec bieden 24x7x365 end-to-end monitoring en beheer van klantomgevingen in datacenters in verschillende Europese landen.

De Intelligent Hands Managed Services van het bedrijf garanderen 24 uur per dag de beschikbaarheid van DPI-engineering. DPI-ingenieurs helpen klanten met routinewerk en ongeplande bedrijfskritieke vereisten. De oplossing biedt klantondersteuningsniveaus, inclusief versnelde snelle responstijden. Klanten kunnen een trouble ticket indienen via de servicedesk van DPI en krijgen binnen 15 minuten een reactie van een gecertificeerde engineer. Deze nieuwste mogelijkheid verbetert de operationele efficiëntie voor de datacenterklanten van DPI en biedt tegelijkertijd flexibele serviceopties die zijn afgestemd op de specifieke vereisten van een klant.

Datalec Precision Installations (DPI) Launches Intelligent Hands Managed Services for Data Centre Operations

Datalec’s enhanced managed service capabilities include 24x7x365 support for European-based data centre operators

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), a provider of world-class data centre design, supply, build, and support services to deliver seamless, integrated and unified end-to-end solutions for data centre operators, announces the addition of its Intelligent Hands Managed Services. Datalec’s Intelligent Hands Managed Services provides end-to-end monitoring and management of data centre customer environments throughout several European countries, 24x7x365.

The company’s Intelligent Hands Managed Services guarantees DPI engineering availability 24 hours a day. DPI engineers assist clients with routine work as well as unplanned business critical requirements. The solution offers customer support levels including expedited rapid response times. Customers can raise a trouble ticket through DPI’s service desk and receive a response from a certified engineer within 15 minutes. This latest capability enhances operational efficiency for DPI’s data centre customers, while providing flexible service options tailored to a client’s specific requirements.

DPI utilises in-house design, engineering, installation and project management teams that are highly experienced and fully trained across a variety of data centre specialties. While reducing both the cost and risk for its customers, DPI ensures client projects are implemented correctly – fully guaranteed. The company’s latest Intelligent Hands Managed Services capability is powered by DPI’s trained and experienced engineers who are proficient in structured cabling, repairs, testing, cross connect installations, hardware support, visual inspection, manual power cycles, equipment reboots, cable tracing, scheduled maintenance and more.

Inspired by the needs of major data centre operators and REITs throughout Europe, DPI launched its program with a leading global operator on 1 July 2021. Today, the global data centre operator leverages DPI’s highly efficient team for 24×7 support to ensure their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the company’s white space meet the exact requirements of its end-user customers. DPI’s solutions include location-based engineers during the working day, supported by on-call engineers for critical requirements outside working hours. DPI’s services provide data centre operators the flexibility and scalability needed to grow their business.

“Datalec has invested a great amount of time and care to properly integrate its Intelligent Hands Managed Services into its day-to-day operations. Our team has worked hard to develop enhanced capabilities within our fully integrated ticketing system, including an ability to monitor, tend to, and resolve data centre customer and end-user concerns any time of the day,” said Steve Scott, CEO of Datalec Precision Installations (DPI).

For more information about DPI’s Intelligent Hands Managed Services, please visit https://datalecltd.co.uk/.

About Datalec

Datalec Precision Installations delivers excellence in international data centre installations, partnering with clients to make their businesses successful while providing seamless, integrated, unified end-to-end results with a ‘One Call, One Team’ service. DPI’s rigorous project management and supervision ensures projects are implemented to perfection the first time, every time, while mitigating risk and reducing cost for clients. DPI is focused on delivering a proactive and personal service that provides agility, flexibility and adaptability for substantial data suite construction and implementations. For more information visit: https://datalecltd.co.uk/.


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