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Datalec Precision Installations (DPI) Launches TIQC – The DPI Initiative Aimed at Ensuring Excellence

Testing, Inspection, Quality and Commissioning (TIQC) Initiative Set to Support DPI’s Continued Vision of Delivering Excellence

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), is a provider of world-class data centre design, supply, build and managed services to deliver seamless and integrated end-to-end solutions for data centre operators. Datalec is pleased to announce the launch of its TIQC initiative, representing a unified focal point of testing, inspection, quality and commissioning. This complements the Datalec vision of delivering excellence for these key requirements across all projects and locations.

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Datalec Precision Installations launches TQIC (Graphic: Business Wire)

Datalec Precision Installations launches TQIC (Graphic: Business Wire)

Understanding the crucial need for correct and safe testing procedures is critical to ensuring that all capital plant and systems are verified for function in accordance with relevant standards, local requirements and client needs.

Regularly planned and thorough inspections are fundamental to ensuring that all installations are safe and compliant for follow-on activities and / or final handover.

Quality is at the core of the Datalec vision, its reputation and success. All projects are delivered to the highest standards through proactive monitoring, progressive auditing and snagging.

Finally, there is a spotlight on commissioning processes in data centre delivery which demands rigorous and detailed strategies and stages. Beyond a simple handover, ensuring all systems and operations function as designed are also key elements in the Datalec vision for delivering excellence.

Driven by Matt Perrier-Flint, UK & Ireland Operations Director for Datalec, the TIQC initiative (pronounced tick) has been developed to ensure Datalec maintains and strengthens processes and control of all elements in their testing, inspection, quality control and commissioning.

To support the TIQC initiative, Datalec has invested in new applications and project management tools that enables collaborative working with clients, who have full access, transparency and visibility of their projects.

“TIQC is going to further enhance our clients’ experience and make sure we are the gold standard in data centre delivery,” says Matt Perrier-Flint. “By having our TIQC mark visible on our client sites this will provide the reassurance that we are ensuring excellence as expected from Datalec.”

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Datalec Precision Installations delivers excellence in international data centre installations, partnering with clients to make their businesses successful while providing seamless, integrated, unified end-to-end results with a ‘One Call, One Team’ service. DPI’s rigorous project management and supervision ensures projects are implemented to perfection the first time, every time, while mitigating risk and reducing cost for clients. DPI is focused on delivering a proactive and personal service that provides agility, flexibility and adaptability for substantial data suite construction and implementations. For more information visit: https://datalecltd.com.


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