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Titomic neemt Tri-D Dynamics over

MELBOURNE, Australië-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Titomic Limited (ASX:TTT) is verheugd aan te kondigen dat bij het sluiten van de handel op 9 juli 2021, haar volledige dochteronderneming Titomic USA, Inc de overname van de activiteiten van Tri-D Dynamics Inc (‘Tri-D’) heeft afgerond onder de voorwaarden die eerder op 22 april 2021 uiteengezet zijn. De overname van Tri-D is een nieuwe mijlpaal in de strategie van Titomic om een wereldleider te worden in oplossingen voor additieve vervaardiging.

Tri-D is een in Silicon Valley gevestigd ontwerp- en productiebedrijf dat slimme leidinginfrastructuur ontwikkelt voor de economie van de 21e eeuw. Tri-D heeft tot doel de infrastructuur te upgraden en te elektrificeren door elektronica rechtstreeks in metalen structuren in te bedden om ze uit te rusten met digitaal verbonden technologie. Het door Tri-D ontwikkelde smart-pipe-product vertegenwoordigt een unieke innovatieve oplossing, die in combinatie met het gelicentieerde TKF-proces volledig zal worden gecommercialiseerd.

Titomic Acquires Tri-D Dynamics

MELBOURNE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Titomic Limited (ASX:TTT) is pleased to announce that as at the close of business on 9 July 2021, its wholly owned subsidiary Titomic USA, Inc has completed the acquisition of the business of Tri-D Dynamics Inc (‘Tri-D’) on the terms set out previously on 22 April 2021. The Tri-D acquisition is another milestone in the Titomic strategy to be a global solutions leader in additive manufacturing.

Tri-D is a Silicon Valley-based design and manufacturing company developing smart pipe infrastructure for the 21st-century economy. Tri-D aims to upgrade and electrify infrastructure by embedding electronics directly into metal structures to outfit them with digitally connected technology. The smart-pipe product developed by Tri-D represents a unique innovative solution, which is set to be fully commercialised when combined with the licensed TKF process.

Tri-D founders Deepak Atyam, Alex Finch and Jesse Lang are experienced innovators with skill sets encompassing cold-spray, composites and rocket engine design; complementing Titomic’s commercialisation plans of its industry leading Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) technology. They will join Titomic USA, Inc as key employees, focusing on Titomic’s initiatives in the defence, aerospace as well as the oil and gas industries.

Titomic USA, Inc will benefit from Tri-D’s existing product portfolio and contracts within a range of industries including, Clean Technology, Oil and Gas, and Surveying. Additionally, with having Titomic commercial and technical employees on the ground in North America it is expected that this will accelerate Titomic’s local presence, as well as broadening the service offering and product portfolio in the region.

Titomic CEO Herbert Koeck commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Deepak, Alex and Jesse to the Titomic team. The acquisition of the Tri-D business is an important part of our U.S. strategy into the defence and aerospace industries where there is a strong need for the cost and performance advantages which our market-ready solutions with best-in-class CSAM technology provide. The team from Tri-D will add Silicon-Valley innovation and dynamics to develop novel and disruptive applications in line with our growth strategy”.


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