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NanoTemper betreedt eiwitproductiemarkt met Andromeda en helpt Biopharma en CRO’s de efficiëntie van expressiescreening voor membraaneiwitten te verhogen

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Californië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NanoTemper Technologies, bekend om het creëren van biofysische hulpmiddelen die uitdagende karakteriseringen aanpakken, betreedt de markt voor eiwitproductie met de introductie van Andromeda, een instrument dat optimale expressieniveaus en thermische stabiliteit van recombinante membraaneiwitten in ruwe lysaten – iets wat onhaalbaar is met de momenteel beschikbare methoden of technologieën op zich. Als gevolg hiervan verhoogt Andromeda de efficiëntie van eiwitproductieteams bij CRO’s en Biopharma, die nu veel sneller en met de meest stabiele eiwitten tot zuivering komen omdat ze inzicht hebben in thermische stabiliteit tijdens expressiescreening.

“Eiwitproductieteams beloven hoogwaardige recombinante eiwitten te leveren, en wanneer affiniteitsscreeningcampagnes of kristallisatieprotocollen mislukken, ligt de schuld meestal bij hen. Andromeda helpt hen die belofte sneller en efficiënter waar te maken”, zegt Stefan Duhr, co-CEO van NanoTemper.

NanoTemper Enters Protein Production Market With Andromeda, Helping Biopharma and CROs to Increase Efficiency of Expression Screening for Membrane Proteins

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NanoTemper Technologies, well-known for creating biophysical tools that tackle challenging characterizations, enters the protein production market with the release of Andromeda, an instrument that determines optimal expression levels and thermal stability of recombinant membrane proteins in crude lysates — something unachievable using currently available methods or technologies on their own. As a result, Andromeda increases the efficiency of protein production teams at CROs and Biopharma, who now arrive at purification much faster and with the most stable proteins because they have insights on thermal stability during expression screening.

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Andromeda (Photo: Business Wire)

Andromeda (Photo: Business Wire)

“Protein production teams promise to deliver high-quality recombinant proteins, and when affinity screening campaigns or crystallization protocols fail, the blame usually falls on them. Andromeda helps them deliver on that promise more quickly and efficiently,” says Stefan Duhr, co-CEO of NanoTemper.

“To select for the best expression conditions, protein production teams currently focus mostly on expression levels, while protein stability characterization is carried out separately or after purification. This involves a combination of methods like SDS-PAGE, FSEC, and FSEC-TS, which can be tedious and have a low throughput.” shared Jocelyn Davé, Chief Product Officer at NanoTemper. “Andromeda, on the other hand, reveals expression levels and stability characterization from a single assay in crude lysates before teams commit to purification.”

With Andromeda, protein production teams can now hand over high-quality proteins faster and save themselves the trouble of rescreening by knowing the stability of proteins early on. Andromeda provides all the valuable information needed to help them quickly and efficiently select for conditions that result in high expression levels of quality proteins.

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