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Inotrem Adds a New Strategic Asset to Its Immunotherapy Anti-TREM-1 Drug Pipeline

Inotrem announces start of development and the filing of a patent for its new anti-TREM-1 monoclonal antibody to target chronic inflammatory diseases

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Inotrem, an advanced clinical stage biotech company specialized in immunotherapies for acute and chronic inflammatory syndromes, announced today that it has filed a patent to protect a new therapeutic modality against TREM-1, a monoclonal antibody.

The filing of this monoclonal antibody patent is a significant milestone for Inotrem’s strategic development as it represents the company’s second asset, next to nangibotide, and a further diversification of its drug portfolio. Moreover, by modulating the activity of the TREM-1 pathway over extended periods of time, this therapeutic modality offers a new and promising alternative for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases.

TREM-1 is an immunoreceptor initially discovered for its role in the pathophysiology of acute inflammatory syndromes and in particular septic shock. Since its inception in 2013, Inotrem has introduced the therapeutic peptide nangibotide into the clinics for acute inflammatory syndromes secondary to severe infections. Two Phase IIB clinical trials are currently ongoing in septic shock and COVID-19 patients. Since its discovery in 2000, an increasing number of research work indicated the implication of the therapeutic target TREM-1 in not only acute inflammatory diseases but also in the development of chronic inflammation. Pioneering these approaches, Inotrem initiated in 2019 a proprietary research and discovery program to identify a new modality against TREM-1 in the form of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody, with pharmacological properties suitable for the management of chronic indications.

“Inotrem’s research team’s exceptional commitment is at the core of today’s success. Adding a monoclonal antibody to our therapeutic modalities targeting the TREM-1 pathway now allows us to expand our development efforts beyond the current acute indications to also address chronic inflammatory syndromes with a high unmet medical need,” said Marc Derive, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Inotrem.

“Today’s announcement constitutes a key advancement for Inotrem. This new patent application demonstrates the company’s ability to deploy its vision and strategy. Through its proprietary technology platform addressing inflammatory diseases, it has the potential to develop treatments in a wide number of inflammatory indications, both acute and now chronic, for which there are today no or limited specific treatment. We are looking forward to the clinical development progress of this new asset, with preclinical development slated to start later this year,” said Jean-Jacques Garaud, Executive Vice-President, Head of Scientific and Medical Affairs and Inotrem’s co-founder.

Chronic inflammatory diseases are inflammatory-driven diseases of the digestive system, joints, skin, respiratory system, kidneys, and various other organs. Most of them have no cure, and new biologics have recently reached the market to target inflammation. But there are still a high number of non-responders to these innovative drugs, and therefore a very significant unmet medical need.

About Inotrem

Inotrem S.A. is an advanced clinical stage biotech company specialized in immunotherapy for inflammatory syndromes. The company has developed a new concept of immunomodulation that targets the TREM-1 pathway to control unbalanced inflammatory responses. Through its proprietary technology platform, Inotrem has developed the first-in-class TREM-1 inhibitor, nangibotide, with potential applications in a number of therapeutic indications such as septic shock and COVID-19. In parallel, Inotrem has launched a program to develop new therapeutic modalities targeting chronic inflammatory diseases. The company was founded in 2013 by Dr. Jean-Jacques Garaud, a former head of research and early development at the Roche Group, Prof. Sébastien Gibot and Dr. Marc Derive. Inotrem is supported by leading European and North American investors. For more information please visit: www.inotrem.com

About TREM-1 pathway

TREM-1 pathway is an amplification loop of the immune response that triggers an exuberant and hyperactivated immune state which is known to play a crucial role in the pathophysiology of septic shock and acute myocardial infarction.


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