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BlueConic Launches Tool to Assess Organizational Readiness for First-Party Data Future

Online tool provides ‘readiness scores’ based on data confidence, access, and utility, along with detailed steps for how companies can prepare to move away from third-party data

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The deprecation of third-party cookies and other privacy-first initiatives that restrict the use of third-party data have ushered in an urgent need for companies to provide business users with greater access to first-party data to engage their customers and drive business growth. Yet barely one in 20 marketers believe they’ve tapped more than 80%* of first-party data’s potential – leaving the vast majority woefully unprepared. To help companies evaluate how ready their organization is for a post-third-party cookie world and get them started on their journey, leading pure-play customer data platform (CDP) BlueConic has launched an online first-party data readiness assessment.

The assessment calculates a company’s maturity level in three dimensions of first-party customer data: confidence, accessibility, and utility. The output reveals the degree to which their data is:

  • Accurate, complete, and accounts for individual privacy preferences
  • Accessible to their business teams and technology stack
  • Designed for speed, scale, and flexibility to meet in-market business needs

After taking the assessment, businesses receive custom results with starting points for improving their first-party data strategy and successfully transforming the way they operate as a business.

“Right now, many businesses are stuck in a maze not knowing which path to take — a situation that is becoming more confusing thanks to the multitude of vendors proposing alternative solutions that supposedly address the fallout from the third-party cookie’s demise,” explains Cory Munchbach, COO of BlueConic. “But these identity-alternatives are merely third-party cookies in another ID’s clothing. To future-proof revenue and customer trust, companies need to take back control of their data and build closer connections with their customers using first-party assets. Our assessment not only offers companies much needed guidance for assessing their own customer data strategies, but also helps foster internal discussion among marketing, analytics, commerce, and other growth-focused teams about where data quality and process improvements can be made.”

Making first-party data a strategic business asset is critically important to mitigate against the loss of third-party cookies. Yet understanding where and how to use unified customer data can be a challenge for the most innovative disruptors and established stalwarts alike. The assessment aims to help businesses uncover weak points in their strategy and/or take their first steps towards using first-party data to power transformational growth.

To take the assessment, visit https://www.blueconic.com/readiness/.

Notes to Editor:

Statistics taken from a 2019 MightyHive/Advertiser Perceptions survey.

About BlueConic

BlueConic, the leading pure-play customer data platform, liberates companies’ first-party data from disparate systems and makes it accessible wherever and whenever it is required to transform customer relationships and drive business growth. Over 300 companies worldwide, including Hearst Newspapers, Heineken, ING, T-Mobile, UEFA, and VF Corp, use BlueConic to unify data into persistent, individual-profiles, and then activate it across customer touchpoints and systems in support of a wide range of growth-focused initiatives, including customer lifecycle orchestration, modeling and analytics, digital products and experiences, audience-based monetization, and more. BlueConic is a global company with offices in the US and Europe. Learn more at www.blueconic.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn @BlueConic.


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