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C3 AI en Shell breiden strategische samenwerking uit om de wereldwijde energie- en grondstoffensector opnieuw vorm te geven met Enterprise AI

Uitgebreide suite van enterprise AI-gebaseerde oplossingen levert aanzienlijke waarde op voor asset-activiteiten

REDWOOD CITY, Californië – (BUSINESS WIRE) – C3 AI (NYSE: AI), een toonaangevende leverancier van AI-software voor ondernemingen, en Shell (NYSE: RDS) hebben vandaag een vijfjarige verlenging aangekondigd van hun strategische overeenkomst om de implementatie van ondernemingen te versnellen. AI- en ML-applicaties op de C3 AI® Suite in heel Shell. Deze vernieuwing is een aanzienlijke uitbreiding van de relatie die C3 AI en Shell enkele jaren geleden aanvankelijk ontwikkelden. Het primaire doel van de overeenkomst is om de betrouwbaarheid, integriteit van activa en procesoptimalisatie in alle Shell-activiteiten aan te pakken.

C3 AI and Shell Extend Strategic Collaboration to Reshape Global Energy and Resource Industries with Enterprise AI

Comprehensive Suite of Enterprise AI-based Solutions Delivers Significant Value Across Asset Operations

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– C3 AI (NYSE:AI), a leading enterprise AI software provider, and Shell (NYSE:RDS) today announced a five-year renewal of their strategic agreement to accelerate the deployment of enterprise AI and ML applications on the C3 AI® Suite across Shell. This renewal is a significant expansion of the relationship C3 AI and Shell initially developed several years ago. The primary objective of the agreement is to address reliability, asset integrity, and process optimization across Shell businesses.

Today’s announcement builds upon the launch earlier this year of the Open AI Energy Initiative™ (OAI), a first-of-its-kind open ecosystem of AI solutions to help transform the energy industry. The OAI, launched by C3 AI, Shell, Baker Hughes, and Microsoft, provides a framework for energy operators, service providers, equipment providers, and independent software vendors for energy services to offer interoperable solutions, including enterprise AI and physics-based models, monitoring, diagnostics, prescriptive actions, and services, powered by the BHC3™ AI Suite and Microsoft Azure. With this expansion, C3 AI and Shell will accelerate the adoption of enterprise AI applications within Shell and across the wider energy market.

“The Shell.ai program has been a foundational element in the development of our digital strategy, and C3 AI has been a key partner in helping to scale our innovative products,” said Shell CTO Yuri Sebregts. “We now see enterprise AI technology becoming mainstream and are excited by the potential as we seek to transform the energy system.”

“The need to accelerate the digital transformation of the energy industry and to ensure climate security has never been greater,” said C3 AI Chairman and CEO Thomas M. Siebel. “Together with Shell, we are committed to driving cleaner energy and climate initiatives globally through the power of tried, tested, and scalable enterprise AI-based solutions. Our collaboration will shape the global market for AI/ML applications in the energy and resource industries.”

“C3 AI is an integral part of enabling Shell’s deployment of enterprise AI solutions at scale,” said Shell CIO Jay Crotts. “We are continuing our journey to replicate and scale our solutions in the areas of reliability, asset optimization, and integrity management, while exploring applications in subsurface workflows. Our predictive maintenance solutions, built on the C3 AI Suite platform, have realized value through increased reliability and reduction in cost. The adoption of enterprise AI and data-centric workflows are changing how we work with our assets and driving efficiency across our businesses.”

For more information on C3 AI and Enterprise AI solutions, visit https://c3.ai/what-is-enterprise-ai/.

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