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SoftServe Poland Erkend als Gold-gecertificeerd bedrijf door Mental Health at Work Institute

De kantoren van het bedrijf in Polen worden erkend voor hun toewijding om een vriendelijke en emotioneel gezonde werkomgeving te bevorderen

WROCLAW, Polen – (BUSINESS WIRE) – SoftServe, een toonaangevende digitale autoriteit en adviesbureau, werd erkend als een goudgecertificeerd bedrijf door het Mental Health at Work Institute – een groep onafhankelijke, landelijke experts die psychologische hulp bieden en kennis delen over geestelijke gezondheid bij bedrijven. Het Gold Certificate van het instituut wordt toegekend aan organisaties die geestelijke gezondheidsprogramma’s voor werknemers in hun organisatiecultuur hebben ingebouwd om een empathische en emotioneel gezonde werkomgeving te bevorderen.

SoftServe Poland Recognized as Gold-certified Company by Mental Health at Work Institute

Company’s Poland offices recognized for commitment to promote friendly and emotionally healthy work environment

WROCLAW, Poland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, was recognized as a gold-certified company by the Mental Health at Work Institute – a group of independent, nationwide experts who provide psychological help and share knowledge on mental health among businesses. The Institute’s Gold Certificate is awarded to organizations that have built employee mental health programs into their organizational culture to promote an empathic and emotionally healthy work environment.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

“Through our action, we create a unique and high-performing workplace culture based on trust and respect,” said Agnieszka B. Dabrowska, Wroclaw DevCenter Director at SoftServe Poland. “The Gold Certificate for Mental Health at Work is a signal to potential employees that SoftServe cares about its associates’ well-being. We want them to take pride in being part of our team.”

Mental well-being is part of SoftServe’s people-centric corporate culture aiming to empower associates to be productive and creative, build positive relationships with others, better cope with stress, and make meaningful contributions. At the core of this culture lies the company’s mental well-being program launched in 2019 and designed to maintain associates’ emotional health. The program focuses on timely stress relief, healthy work-life balance, and education on the importance of emotional, mental, and behavioral health.

To date, SoftServe has held over 50 mental well-being events internationally, ranging from online educational panels to team building, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga activities. These events involved over 30 experts and engaged over 9,500 people.

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