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Hoe Dahua-technologie bosbranden helpt voorkomen

HANGZHOU, China– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Het duurt tientallen jaren voordat bomen groeien, maar het duurt slechts enkele minuten voordat branden ze vernietigen. Bosbranden zijn het type natuurramp dat plotseling vernietigend toeslaat en vaak moeilijk onder controle te krijgen is. Daarom is het werken aan het voorkomen van bosbranden en de schade die deze veroorzaken aan natuurlijke hulpbronnen – evenals aan de eigendommen van mensen en soms aan het menselijk leven – een prioriteit voor Dahua Technology.

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In de loop der jaren heeft Dahua Technology capaciteiten ontwikkeld en ingezet voor uitgebreide technische ondersteuning voor bewaking van bos- en graslandbrand, evenals voor vroegtijdige waarschuwing, voorspelling, redding en beoordeling na rampen met digitale intelligentietechnologie. De technologie van Dahua integreert video-perceptiesystemen volledig met geïntegreerde lucht- en grondbewakingsmethoden om een ​​sterk “vuurnet” te vormen gericht op preventie en vroegtijdige, beslissende interventie wanneer dat nodig is.

How Dahua Technology Helps Prevent Forest Fires

HANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– It takes decades for trees to grow, yet only minutes for fires to destroy them. Forest fires are the type of natural disaster that strike with sudden destructiveness and are often difficult to control. That’s why working to prevent forest fires and the damage they cause to natural resources — as well as people’s property and sometimes human life — is a priority for Dahua Technology.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210518005588/en/

Dahua Solution Safeguarding The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon (Photo: Business Wire)

Dahua Solution Safeguarding The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon (Photo: Business Wire)

Over the years, Dahua Technology has developed and deployed capabilities for comprehensive technical support in forest and grassland fire monitoring as well as early warning, forecasting, rescue and post-disaster assessment with digital intelligence technology. Dahua’s technology fully integrates video perception systems with integrated sky and ground monitoring methods to form a strong “fire net” aimed at prevention and early, decisive intervention when needed.

The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the largest and deepest canyon on earth. The terrain of the canyon forest area is complex, steep and deep, with precious and diverse vegetation ecological resources, and is very difficult to protect. Dahua Technology helped build a smart forest fire prevention monitoring system, safeguarding forests through digital technology. Based on thermal imaging technology, the system provides 360° long-distance monitoring and uninterrupted 7/24 protection, guarding the vast forests and lush mountains.

In Chibi City, Hubei, Dahua Technology built an integrated forest fire prevention system for Guantangyi Forest Farm. The system uses dual-spectral thermal imaging to detect fires in real time, links video feeds to command centers, and connects alarms on fire ranger’s handheld devices, through to a six-rotor UAV that monitors the situation from above. The seamless flow of information through this system enables forest rangers to rush to a target area with a patrol terminal in hand to conduct on-site command, fire search and rescue, and other first responder functions.

It takes integrated capabilities working together to save forests, and Dahua solutions make it possible. Dahua employees take special pride in being able to contribute to this mission; for example, “When I walked through many forested areas in the country, every time I was not only emotional, but also felt responsible. Dahua Technology has always been involved in forest fire prevention. In the future, the company will continue to use technology to protect the ecology and intelligence to guard a green future.”



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