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Dahua-technologie onthult geüpgradede WizMind om AI-ervaring te verbeteren

HANGZHOU, China– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Dahua Technology, een wereldwijd toonaangevende videogerichte slimme IoT-oplossing en serviceprovider, heeft onlangs zijn geüpgradede WizMind-serie uitgebracht, die een uitgebreide projectgeoriënteerde productportfolio en flexibele AI-oplossingen biedt die zich richten op de mens, voertuig-, object- en thermische technologie om verticale markten te versterken met verbeterde AI-ervaring.

Dit persbericht bevat multimedia. Bekijk de volledige release hier: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210510005414/en/

Op mensen gebaseerde toepassingen

De verbeterde, op mensen gebaseerde WizMind-oplossing maakt gebruik van eersteklas AI-chip en algoritmen en omvat privacybescherming 2.0, gezichtsherkenning 2.0, menselijke video-metadata 2.0 en andere geavanceerde AI-prestaties om tijdige reacties op incidenten mogelijk te maken en tegelijkertijd een nauwkeurige klantstroom, drukte, doelrichting te bieden, enz. om te helpen bij verdere bedrijfsanalyse. Privacy Protection 2.0 biedt extra occlusie-opties (onregelmatige polygonen, mozaïeken en gekleurde blokken) en ondersteunt het exporteren van code op basis van gespecificeerde doelen, waardoor de privacy veiligheid van mensen en plaatsen wordt gegarandeerd.

Dahua Technology Unveils Upgraded WizMind to Enhance AI Experience

HANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, has recently released its upgraded WizMind series, offering a comprehensive project-oriented product portfolio and flexible AI solutions that focus on human, vehicle, object and thermal technology to empower vertical markets with enhanced AI experience.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210510005414/en/

Dahua Technology’s Upgraded WizMind Series (Graphic: Business Wire)

Dahua Technology’s Upgraded WizMind Series (Graphic: Business Wire)

Human-based Applications

Adopting topnotch AI chip and algorithms, the upgraded human-based WizMind solution includes privacy protection 2.0, face recognition 2.0, human video metadata 2.0 and other advanced AI performance to enable timely responses to incidents while providing accurate customer flow, crowd density, target direction, etc. to assist in further business analysis. Privacy Protection 2.0 offers additional occlusion options (irregular polygons, mosaics, and colored blocks) and supports code exporting based on specified targets, ensuring privacy safety of people and places.

Vehicle-based Applications

The upgraded vehicle-based WizMind solution integrates ANPR, parking space management, vehicle metadata 2.0 and other technologies to serve multiple vehicle-based scenes. It can accurately detect and display parking status and number of available parking spaces, and supports overlaying a variety of information on the vehicle’s snapshot. Moreover, a dual-PTZ system can even capture detailed images of vehicles under occlusion.

Object-based Applications

As a brand new feature of the upgraded WizMind, the Dahua object monitoring technology utilizes deep-learning algorithms to detect up to six kinds of objects. It can effectively filter out false alarms caused by interference and provide customers with accurate alarm information. Through the linkage alarm connected to the administrator, it can help passenger find missing items, or detect a blockage at the fire exit, thus reducing property loss and increasing safety level.

Thermal Imaging Applications

Dahua thermal imaging technology adopts the industry-leading thermal imaging sensor and excellent image processing algorithm to deliver 24/7 long-range surveillance performance. Its abnormal behavior detection, high-accurate alarms and other AI-enabled intelligent analysis functions make it ideal for airports, border security, infrastructures, fire prevention, etc.

WizMind Ecosystem

Dahua WizMind is compatible with a variety of third-party platforms. It provides sufficient API to allow integration with Dahua partners’ systems. Dahua DHOP supports third-party access to WizMind IPC and thermal cameras, enabling customization of flexible camera functions.

Boasting accurate, reliable and comprehensive AI-powered technical highlights, the upgraded WizMind series brings high-end customized solutions and convenience to users with project needs in traffic management, building, retail, energy and many other industries.

*Product launch date might vary depending on countries.


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