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Pricefx lanceert eerste AI-gebaseerde marktsimulatie voor prijsoptimalisatie

 Door haar Next Gen AI-mogelijkheden uit te breiden, stelt Pricefx bedrijven in staat prijzen te optimaliseren door de werkelijke impact op het koopgedrag van klanten te simuleren

MÜNCHEN & CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Pricefx, de wereldleider in cloud-native pricing-software, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het de eerste AI-aangedreven marktsimulatie-oplossing in de branche heeft uitgebracht. Marktsimulatie is bedoeld om prijsoptimalisatie mogelijk te maken in de context van het totale productportfolio en de concurrentie. Het maakt gebruik van Pricefx Next Gen AI-technologie om de impact van prijzen op het koopgedrag van klanten te simuleren en te voorspellen. Hierdoor kunnen bedrijven – op basis van de voorspelde impact – betere zakelijke beslissingen nemen om de winstgroei te versnellen.

Pricefx Launches Industry’s First AI-powered Market Simulation for Price Optimization

Expanding its Next Gen AI capabilities, Pricefx enables businesses to optimize pricing by simulating real impact on customer purchasing behavior

MUNICH & CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Pricefx, the global leader in cloud-native pricing software, today announced it has released the industry’s first AI-powered market simulation solution. Market simulation is designed to enable price optimization in context of the overall product portfolio and the competition. It uses Pricefx Next Gen AI technology to simulate and predict the impact of pricing on customer purchasing behavior. As a result, businesses can make better business decisions – informed by predicted impact – to accelerate profit growth.

Leveraging AI optimization, Pricefx provides businesses a simulated response to various “what if” scenarios. Market simulation evaluates a range of products, the impact on volumes and optimizes pricing for the full portfolio. It simulates the impact of price change to a product on the surrounding products within the business’ own portfolio to identify potential market cannibalization. It predicts real behavior of customers and competitors by simulating the market response to price changes and demonstrates the long-term market impact including market share changes.

McKinsey’s Global AI Survey found that 40% of marketing and sales departments using AI achieve 6% or higher average revenue growth. In marketing and sales, respondents most often report revenue increases from AI use in pricing, prediction of likelihood to buy, and customer-service analytics. AI is credited with improving the accuracy, scale and speed of price optimization and business leaders report that adopting AI-based price optimization is among the best decisions they made before and during the pandemic to protect margins and resist descending into price wars. McKinsey forecasts that AI-based price and promotion have the potential to deliver between $259.1 billion to $500 billion in global market value.

“Market simulation is the next evolution of price optimization,” said Toby Davidson, Chief Product Officer for Pricefx. “AI-powered price optimization is improving business’ viability, driving more revenue and accelerating profit growth. By adding AI-based market simulation, Pricefx continues to deliver real solutions for our customers’ business challenges. We are extending our leadership position in pricing optimization to deliver new and powerful profitability tools to our customers, with the same fast, flexible and friendly approach they have come to expect.”

Under the newly redesigned Plan, Price and Profit solution sets, Pricefx includes market simulation for subscribers of its Price and Profit packages. The Pricefx Price package provides customers with a comprehensive set of price management tools. It leverages AI-powered price optimization to fine-tune all pricing elements simultaneously with speed and accuracy. The Pricefx Profit package empowers sales teams to autonomously and efficiently handle sales inquiries at a granular level while reaching the best deal outputs to increase profit. It contains an industry-only CPQ with integrated Value Estimation features, coupled with the industry’s leading large deal negotiation and deal management workflow solution.

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