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HD-PLC Alliance onderschreef IEEE 1901-2020 als de volgende generatie HD-PLC ™ -standaard

FUKUOKA, Japan– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Om de nieuwste verbeteringen in snelheid en bereik van de HD-PLC -technologie gepromoot door HD-PLC Alliance te integreren, heeft de Alliantie de specificaties van de volgende generatie technologie voorgesteld aan de IEEE Standards Association. Tot grote tevredenheid van de Alliance-leden bevat de onlangs gepubliceerde IEEE 1901-2020-standaard de nieuwste HD-PLC-functies die zorgen voor snellere, langere bedrade communicatie over bestaande metalen draden (besturingskabel, coaxkabel, voedingskabel, enz.).

In vergelijking met draadloze communicatiesystemen maakt HD-PLC meer veilige, stabiele en betrouwbare communicatie mogelijk. Bovendien zorgt het gebruik van bestaande kabels ervoor dat een netwerkinfrastructuur niet alleen binnenshuis, zoals huizen, gebouwen en fabrieken, maar ook kilometers buiten kan bestrijken.

HD-PLC Alliance Endorsed IEEE 1901-2020 as the Next Generation HD-PLC™ Standard

FUKUOKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In order to integrate the latest improvements in speed and range of the HD-PLC*1 technology promoted by HD-PLC Alliance*2, the Alliance has proposed the specifications of the next generation technology to the IEEE Standards Association*3. To the great satisfaction of the Alliance members, recently published IEEE 1901-2020 Standard includes the latest HD-PLC features that provide higher speed, longer range wired communications over existing metal wires (control cable, coaxial cable, power cable, etc.).

Compared with wireless communication systems, HD-PLC enables more secure, stable and reliable communications. Furthermore, the use of existing cables allows a network infrastructure to cover not only indoors such as homes, buildings and factories but also outdoors extending several kilometers.

Mr. Yoshiyuki Miyabe, Senior Adviser of HD-PLC Alliance and Senior Managing Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation, has sent a message, “Our company and HD-PLC Alliance have developed the HD-PLC technology cooperatively, which is now published as IEEE 1901-2020 standard. We anticipate this standardization will help make HD-PLC a breakthrough technology for the coming era of IoT. Making the most of this result for various products and business solutions for the future, we endeavor to further support innovation and advancement of the technology to provide new values to our customers.”

HD-PLC Alliance devotes its efforts to promote the technology through a certification program and logo. The test environment is being updated to offer the current third-generation communication compatibility services as well as upcoming fourth generation interoperability certification services compliant with IEEE 1901-2020.

On March 18, 2021, a webinar*4 on this technology will be held, organized by IEEE SA and HD-PLC Alliance. Also, please visit our renewed website.*5

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HD-PLC™: A registered trademark or trademark of Panasonic Corporation in Japan and other countries.


HD-PLC Alliance: Established on September 25, 2007 with the aim to expand the use of High-definition Power Line Communication (HD-PLC) and to ensure communication compatibility.


IEEE Standards Association: Standards association within the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE 1901-2020 standard: https://standards.ieee.org/standard/1901-2020.html


IEEE SA and HD-PLC Alliance Webinar March 2021

Subtitle: Home networking, Industrial and Building automation through HD-PLC (High-Speed Powerline Communication)

Learn more: https://standards.ieee.org/events/index.html


HD-PLC Alliance Homepage: https://hd-plc.org/


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