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Xlife Sciences AG (XLS): joint venture met anfass Life Technologies

Ontwikkeling van zeer effectieve antilichamen zonder dierproeven

ZURICH– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Xlife Sciences AG en het in Solothurn gevestigde anfass Life Technologies AG zijn een joint venture aangegaan. Daarom heeft het gezamenlijk opgerichte Quadira Biosciences AG toegang tot het 3D CoSeedis (TM) -technologieplatform van abc biopply ag. Deze unieke 3D-celtechnologie maakt de replicatie van menselijk weefsel mogelijk voor betrouwbare testen en karakterisering van antilichamen zonder dierproeven. Het technologieplatform van Xlife voor de ontwikkeling van antilichamen zal nog efficiënter worden gebruikt.

Vanaf vandaag heeft Xlife Sciences AG al 30 verbindingen met een blockbuster-potentieel geïdentificeerd met zijn antilichaamscreeningsplatform. Van deze therapeutische antilichamen is al aangetoond dat ze veilig en effectief zijn bij mensen. Xlife kan deze antilichamen met de grootste nauwkeurigheid modificeren en de kwaliteit van het actieve ingrediënt verhogen. Dit zijn voornamelijk geavanceerde, zeer krachtige antilichamen met een hogere cytotoxische activiteit en een verbeterd bijwerkingenprofiel voor kankertherapie. Het doelmarktpotentieel van de vooraf geselecteerde antilichamen ligt in de orde van grootte van enkele miljarden dollars.

Xlife Sciences AG (XLS): Joint Venture With anfass Life Technologies

Development of highly effective antibodies without animal testing

ZURICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Xlife Sciences AG and Solothurn-based anfass Life Technologies AG have entered a joint venture. Hence, the jointly founded Quadira Biosciences AG has access to the 3D CoSeedis(TM) technology platform of abc biopply ag. This unique 3D cell technology enables the replication of human tissue for reliable testing and characterization of antibodies without animal testing. Xlife’s technology platform for the development of antibodies will be used even more efficiently.

As of today, Xlife Sciences AG has already identified 30 compounds with blockbuster potential with its antibody screening platform. These therapeutic antibodies have already shown to be safe and effective in humans. Xlife can modify these antibodies with utmost accuracy and increase the quality of the active ingredient. These are mainly advanced, highly potent antibodies with higher cytotoxic activity and improved side effect profile for cancer therapy. The target market potential of the pre-selected antibodies is in the range of several billion US dollars.

With the collaboration of abc biopply, a portfolio company of anfass Life Technologies, the development process will be advanced significantly. Abc biopply developed a technology platform 3D CoSeedis(TM) that allows the testing and characterization in terms of efficacy of antibodies in 3D- cell cultures, also known as organoids, which are similar to animal or human tissue. This reduces or even eliminates animal testing and accelerates product development significantly. 3D CoSeedis(TM) differentiates itself with its unique homogeneity of produced spheroids and allows standardized mass production. This leads to simplified preclinical modelling of diseases. With this sustainable joint-venture, Quadira Biosciences AG could revolutionize cancer therapy.

About anfass Life Technologies AG
anfass Life Technologies AG invests in promising technologies in the fields of biotech, medical technology and diagnostics. The company also provides strategic and operational support to start-ups and SMEs in the life science sector and offers access to a broad expertise and a reliable network of selected partners. www.anfass.ch abc biopply ag is a portfolio company of anfass Life Technologies AG. www.biopply.com.

About Xlife Sciences AG
Xlife Sciences AG is a Swiss company with focus on investing in promising technologies in the life science industry. Xlife Sciences AG is building the bridge from research and development to healthcare markets by supporting researchers and entrepreneurs in positioning, structuring, developing and implementing their concepts. Together with industrial partners or universities, Xlife Sciences AG leads projects through the proof-of-concept phase after an invention disclosure or start-up. Subsequently, the firm focuses on out-licensing or selling the company, often with a combination of a strategic partnership. Xlife Sciences AG offers its investors direct access to the further development of innovative and future-oriented technologies at a very early stage. For more information, please visit: www.xlifesciences.ch

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Annual General Meeting of Xlife Sciences AG will now take place on May 11, 2021, due to the Covid-19 measures of the federal government in written form by letter.





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